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Map with Rural Routes, Roads, and Trails


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  • Added on: October 17th, 2010
Does anyone have recommendations for a walker-friendly map of Ireland? Maybe even multiple ones specific to certain regions and counties?

In particular I'd love to find one with as many of the roads, trails, and public areas/parks as possible. I'm less interested in the cities themselves since most of them probably have their own (free) maps that you can get at their tourist offices.

Google Maps is great but obviously won't do me much good without constant internet access; I suppose I could print out parts from it? Any input on Amazon's offerings for maps? The ones I saw tended to focus on urban areas and/or driving, some reviews derided the accuracy which worries me.
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Have you looked at the various maps the Ordinance Survey sell, as well as their map viewer
To be honest I think a lot of the time when zoomed in on map view (not satellite or hybrid view) I don't think google maps is that accurate and can be deceptive, just look at the shore line on galway city in that view.
I think most tourist offices would have little booklets of the various walking routes in the area.


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This website could come in handy for you as well irishtrails.ie you can specify where and what difficulty, length and type of walk you'd like to do and it will suggest suitable national waymarked trails and map them out for you.


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But I think printout of Google maps will be best for you. you can take the print out of satellite view as well as map view and can compare them to get better idea of place. Atleast it is a trusted source.

You will also get local maps in the town also. So choose that you like most.

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