Too often lumped in with North America, Mexico is a country that stands out on its own.

Mexico city to Yucatan (1 month+) trip. Need some help


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  • Added on: January 26th, 2015
Hi there,

I'm planning a trip to Mexico in March or May and I would need some help. So far I'm planing on traveling alone for at least parts of the way. I'm mostly interested in ancient aspect of Mexico, such as visiting ancient sites of Mayas, Aztecs, Toltecs, and hopefully Olecs. But I'm also interested to experience Mexico as a whole, to feel how's it like there, how local people live in some cities and villages.

My plan is to fly in to Mexico city and spend around 5 days there, during which I would like to visit some famous sites in and around the City, such as Theotihuacan. I was told that if I don't speak Spanish (and I don't, but planning to learn some before coming, I already know some Italian) that I shouldn't go to Theotihuacan with regular bus but should rather go with a tour group. What's your experience with that?

After the City I'm planning to go by some kind of road transportation towards Palenque, on the way stopping at some interesting places, such as La Venta Olmec archeological site. I was told to be careful when going through Vera Cruz province. What's your experience with this?

I would like to stay in Palenque for a day or two. Looking at this map ... PkcnygouJs I see that there are some interesting ruins south of Palenque which would be interesting to visit, but not sure if I would have time for that. I would basically want to go to Tikal after Palenque, but it seems there are no roads to get to Tikal from the West but only from the South and East (Belize).

So I thought to then go to El Tigre, Calacmul, Edzna, then Uxmal and sites around it, then Chichen Itza, and at the end Tulum and Coba.
I'm traveling on a budget so would like to stay in hostels, preferably better ones.

I was wondering if anyone here has done such trip from Mexico city to Yucatan and what are your tips, recommendations, etc?
Is there any carpooling, or van share, or anything like that between the ancient sites? Or is there a website specifically for the purpose of carpooling/vanpooling in Mexico, or an agency that offers cheaper transportation between sites?

Many thanks,

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