Too often lumped in with North America, Mexico is a country that stands out on its own.

Mexico Suggestions for Hiking


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  • Added on: December 29th, 2011
I want to take an inexpensive, week long solo trip someplace warmer than Chicago (doesn't have to be tropical or hot - just not freezing, and preferably not rainy).

I have 2 ideals in mind, but I'm open to any suggestions:

1) Someplace with good local hiking or other outdoor activities and chill, friendly (quiet-ish) hostels where I can catch up on reading, writing, and turn in early if I want (along the lines of Xela, Guatemala, San Gil, Colombia, Tayrona, Colombia, Merida, Venezuela).


2) Someplace where there is an easy-to-coordinate multi-day adventure hike/camping activity (along the lines of going to Cuzco to hike to Macchu Pichu).

I'm not looking to party all night, every night or lay out at the beach all day.

I am guessing there are places in Mexico that will fit my time and monetary budget, as well as climate and activity preferences, but I don't have any ideas! Any suggestions?


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1. I would say Morelia, but... its not so safe in that city at this point, according to the news.

2. My guess would be Oaxaca, though i've not done much hiking in the area. It appears to fit a safety requirement.
PS. The Peten is NOT recommended, it was unsafe years before, as I found out personally. Maybe around san miguiel de allende, if you stick close to the very touristic and friendly town.

3. Xela would be perfect, and in the end, not much harder to get there if you're flying.
There is a company there that specializes in hikes,. and yes, the dry season is coming on now.

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the Copper Canyon is probably a good bet. go to Botapilas and there are hiking opportunities, cheap digs, and you are way away from civilization.


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The mountain Villages north of Oaxaca City would be my suggestion.
We spent last weekend in the mountains village of La Neveria, north of Oaxaca City at 9, 240 feet. (best in summer months)
Fairly new and modern cabins for 12 USD pp per night, a good restaurant at the complex of cabins, hiking guides, cascades, small zip line, tons of hiking trails, rainbow trout farm, a tiny store, and not much else.
The village grows flowers and vegetables for sale in Oaxaca City.
Bikes available to rent. Outdoor fireplaces at each cabin, wood available, porch for relaxing and few visitors.
The State has provided the cabins to promote Ecotourism but they haven't as yet provided good public transportation from the city so the village receives few visitors.
Rental cars available in the city.
Contact Expeditions Sierra Norte in Oaxaca City for transportation Info
See the Government website for photos.
Oaxaca City will make a great contrast with sightseeing, shopping artisan villages, and ruin sites.


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  • Added on: January 2nd, 2013
I realize this is a year old thread, but hiking in Mexico interests me.

Jamie--How did your week of hiking in Mexico go?

Also, for people making future plans, here are my thoughts about several possibilities. I've been to one of the villages in the mountains north of Oaxaca and like that area. Softseatraveler's suggestion above that you visit that area makes sense. Google either "Ixlan de Juarez" or "Pueblos Mancomunados" for information.

Mexico City, with 20+ million people, is obviously not a bucolic hiking destination, but its airport is linked by direct buses to smaller cities and towns that can serve as gateways to some very scenic and relaxing places, just a few hours away. Some of those spots receive relatively few foreign visitors. I especially like Tolantongo Canyon with its hot springs pools, hot spring fed river, cave entrance, and hiking trails. Tolantongo is a weekend and holiday playground for Mexico City residents. I've enjoyably camped there, and also stayed at one of the hotels. Fortunately, the prices listed in the Tolantongo website below are in pesos, not dollars.

I had a great three night stay at Tolantongo in December, 2011. With more than three full days there I'd probably get bored, however. With a week's total walkng vacation available, I might spend the extra days in Ixmiquilpan (Tolantongo's gateway town), in Mexico City, or at "El Chico" national park/Mineral del Chico town. Like Ixmiquilpan and Tolantongo, El Chico is accessed from the small city of Pachuca, HIdalgo. Hiking at "El Chico" is still on my personal "to do" list. ... nd-misses/ ... chico2.jpg ... chico.html

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