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My Itinerary for 6 Weeks in C.A.


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  • Added on: November 26th, 2008
Hey Everyone! I've just finished a 5 year uni degree and I've got 6 weeks off before I start full time work so I've decided to go check out central america! Since I've just got 6 weeks I've decided to just stick to Mex, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras.. Can you guys tell me if you think my itinerary below is do-able?

7-Dec Tucan Tour - Cancun
8-Dec Tucan Tour - Chichén Itzá
9-Dec Tucan Tour Mérida
10-Dec Tucan Tour Palenque
11-Dec Tucan Tour Palenque
12-Dec Tucan Tour San Cristóbal
13-Dec Tucan Tour San Cristóbal
14-Dec Tucan Tour San Cristóbal
15-Dec Tucan Tour Panajachel
16-Dec Tucan Tour Panajachel
17-Dec Tucan Tour Chichicastenango
18-Dec Tucan Tour Chichicastenango
19-Dec Antigua
20-Dec Antigua
21-Dec Antigua
22-Dec Antigua
23-Dec Antigua
24-Dec Antigua
25-Dec Antigua
26-Dec Travel to Copan
27-Dec Copan
28-Dec Copan - La Ceiba
29-Dec La Ceiba - Roatan/Utila Island
30-Dec Roatan/Utila Island
31-Dec Roatan/Utila Island
1-Jan Roatan/Utila Island
2-Jan Roatan Island - Livingston
3-Jan Roatan Island - Livingston
4-Jan Livingston
5-Jan Livingston
6-Jan Livingston - Rio Dulce (boat)
7-Jan Rio Dulce - Flores
8-Jan Tikal
9-Jan Tikal/Flores
10-Jan Flores - San Ignacio
11-Jan San Ignacio
12-Jan San Ignacio
13-Jan San Ignacio
14-Jan San Ignacio - Caye Caulker
15-Jan Caye Caulker
16-Jan Caye Caulker
17-Jan Caye Caulker
18-Jan Caye Caulker - Tulum
19-Jan Tulum
20-Jan Tulum
21-Jan Tulum - Cancun
22-Jan Cancun

The tour itinerary visits the places inbetween the places I've written above. (eg Lake Atitlan)

I've never backpacked before.. that why I'm doing the tour at the start.. to get me into the 'vibe' of the place. And I know that itinerary looked very fixed.. but Im cool to make to flexible.
Just a few Qs though..

Im planning to do spannish school in Antigua.. But Ive read on these forums to try get out to Semuc Champey/Todos Santos.. Could i get out there on a day trip? Or would it be best to spend a few nights? The only thing is.. I want to do spannish school and I was just going to do it in Antigua.. but then I've read Lake Atitlan is good too.. Do you guys have any preference as to where to do spannish school?

The chances on getting to Livingston from Roatan Is. in a day?... I've read that some people have done it.. buts its a pretty tough race.. Has anyone done this? Any tips on how to do it?

Finally, should I sacrifice a night in Caye Caulker & San Ignacio to spend a couple of nights in Playa del Carmen before Cancun?

Thanks in advance guys! Smile


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  • Added on: November 26th, 2008
Hey all, I just read this post.

Todos Santos is a small town north and east of Huehuetenango. It might be the last town where all people still wear their traditional clothes. It is also a high elevation and hikes from here are beautiful and quite safe. traveling from here directly to Coban will take you through untouched countryside and mountains, a beautiful trip. You will end up in the Alta Verapaces department, relatively close to the Tikal area. With visits to Nebaj, Semuc Champey and the Candelaria caves, you could take a week. You could do it a lot faster but you wouldn't want to. You might also not meet a single tourist.

Argh! It sounds really really good.. but I’d have to give up Spanish school in Antigua/elsewhere Frown Am I missing something? Does anyone see that I could do both?


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  • Added on: November 27th, 2008
You don't have any days unplanned. Travel in Mesoamerica isn't usually kind to tightly-planned schedules - you might want to leave at least one day a week open for whatever. If you don't plan it that way, it will likely happen anyway.

Spanish school: my standard line on Antigua is that it would be just as easy to learn Hebrew or Danish there as Spanish. It's an absolutely lovely place, and popular for good reason. The language-study scene though, for many people consists of 2-3 hours in the morning with a Guatemalan tutor, followed by excursions with other English-speaking backpackers in the afternoon, and drinks in English-speaking bars at night. If you're serious about language study, it's not a good place for immersion. Lake Atitlan is the same way. Xela is probably the best place for Spanish-language immersion. Of course, any language study will improve your abilities - it just depends on what you're looking for. If you're just studying for a week, you'll probably pick up enough basics in Antigua or Atitlan to make travel a bit easier.

Roatan to Livingston in a day: ouch. I've heard it's possible, but ouch. Which island were you planning on? There is no ferry running between Utila and Roatan - you have to go back to La Ceiba to get from one to the other. Utila is diving and partying with backpackers, while Roatan has better beaches, and is bit more upmarket (cruise ships call there).

Finally, on Playa del Carmen over Belize, yes. I have been underwhelmed by Belize, especially compared to Mexico or Honduras. Caye Caulker is pleasant enough, for sure. Mexico in general has better food and value though, Tulum has better beaches, Playa del Carmen better accommodations, food, and nightlife. Only use Cancun for the airport - there is a bus directly there from Playa del Carmen.


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  • Added on: November 27th, 2008
Thanks for the info Felix!
Im gonna add in 1 "blank" day per week for things that come up.

As for which island to choose... I think ill leave that up to when I get to La Ceiba and decide there... Do you think I need to book ahead for accomodation though seeing as Im going to the island for new years eve? I was planning just to stay in a hostel/cheap hotel.


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  • Added on: November 28th, 2008
Todos Santos is a precious place. It takes a half day to get there, and the bus to Todos Santos leaves in the morning. There are few night buses. That means its one day to Huehue, then next day on bus to Todos, and yes, you repeat the process on the way back. So, it uses up time.

Still, I'll say its worth it!

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