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Need help deciding on a route for 3 month trip


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  • Added on: December 7th, 2010
I will be traveling from mid-May to August this year and want to go to: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. What is my best path for covering this much ground? Is it too much? I was thinking buying an open-jaw into Buenos Aires and out of Lima, and plan to do Argentina for 3 weeks, then onward to Brazil for 3 weeks, then 2 weeks in Bolivia, and 2 weeks in Peru. (Actually I have like 10-11 weeks) Or, should I fly into Brazil, go down into Argentina, and cross into Bolivia and onto Peru. OR do I do Argentina and Brazil and fly to Peru and do Peru and Bolivia?

Any tips for planning my route?



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  • Added on: December 8th, 2010
Myself and my girlfriend are looking at doing a very similar trip over 3 months and are currently looking at what our travel options are? Quick question if you don't mind? How much have you set aside for spending 3 months doing your trip? No worries if you don't want to say. Good luck planning!

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Unless you're flying a lot, that's more ground than I'd want to cover in 10-11 weeks. You'll only see a small portion of Brazil alone in that amount of time. Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru together comprise well over half the territory of the continent. It will be mid-winter in Argentina and southern/southeastern Brazil, meaning no beach. Beaches further north in Brazil are okay year-round, but Bahia and points further north are waaaaaay too far from Bolivia and Peru for this trip.

At the time of year and length of time you have in mind, I'd stick with Peru and Bolivia. Better yet, add Colombia too, which tends to be a dark horse favorite for South America.


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Yeah , I agree , Ive been to Peru many times,in Lima stay in Miraflores district , everything is there and Colombia ,people are passing this country by, thinking it's too dangerous,.Last year we spent a couple weeks in Medellin,what a beautiful city ! and the area , friendly people,inexpensive ,we are going back and will do the southern part and Equador .Can't say much about Bolivia ,but to me ,I like the coast,we've done all the countries in Central America ,except El Salvador,we've only been to the airport there. We like the Latin culture and the people,and it's a lot
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Ok, so scratch Brazil. Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru. How should I get around?


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My bf and I just got back from 4 months in South America traveling through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil. It was very speedy so it's good you've decided to stick with 3 countries, which are the first 3 we visited. Bus travel is usually the way to go unless you have the $ for flights to cover long distances. Let me know if you have any other specific ?s...
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Recently concluded a 10K road trip down there had a wonderful time. good info clubhouse in all major areas discounts great info.

I followed the so called Andean Route Colombia Ecuador Peru Bolivia Argentina

Grupo Ormeno your best deluxe bus overland go for the downstairs VIP seats they are awesome.

top top hostels for a heads up on entry/safety.
Trip/backpackers insurance wise good local operators in each country.

Careful many scammers for profit touting occultly as "Destination Experts" particularly TripAdvisor. Footprint best guides.On air found RT into BOG LIM out of FLL cheapest for insertion by far.Will usually save you hundreds usually over an open jaw fare for those.

Happy Journey,

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