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Nepal to Turkey...wanna propose a route?


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  • Added on: November 23rd, 2009
Hi all,

I'm thinking of attempting a trip from Nepal to Turkey--some sections overland, other sections by air. I would love to see a bit of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria. Maybe Turkmenistan as well. Of course, security is a major issue here and might restrict my options. I know many of you might object, but I really don't mind rushing this trip. I have been stationary in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam for a long while now, and am ready to hit the road and just keep moving.

Would anyone care to propose an interesting (and doable, taking into account security restrictions, visas, etc.) route? I would love to get some of your thoughts before I begin laying down concrete plans.



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I once considered such a route. In the old days of the British Raj, all one had to do was go to India, and straight through Pakistan to Turkey through Iran.

Now Iran is a no-go location for American if they aren't on guided tours.

Pakistan can be dangerous, but might be possible, IF you can get past the Indian Pakistani border.

The other way is to go through the 'istans', and they have some interesting visa requirements. They are possible, but expensive. The 'istans' have one advantage. It is possible to get a Russian visa. then to Georgia, then to Turkey.

Or one could fly from Pakistan to Allepo, and avoid all that fuss. I think, in the end, that would be how I would do it if Russia wasn't in the plans.


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  • Added on: November 27th, 2009
Thanks for the input. Russia is definitely not a part of my plans at the moment, so perhaps flying from Pakistan to Allepo is my best bet. I'll post more questions here as they come up...Thanks again!


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I'd love to run through central asia, but I would definitely still be avoiding Afghanistan for the foreseeable future. I don't know that I'd want to spend time in Pakistan at the moment either, but that's a personal preference. The route that I've been dreaming about is more northernly (China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia), but yours could work too.

There are ways to deal with Iran, it will just add to the cost, as you'll have to have a guide for your time there. This would certainly be my preference, since Iran strikes me as a fascinating destination. As I understand the biggest risk on this route is the border area between Pakistan and Iran, as it's known for bandits and generally falls outside the control of either government. If you're going to fly, flying from Pakistan to Esfahan or Tehran, and then seeing the country from there might be the better option. Still, many people do travel the overland route, so it's hardly impossible.

Syria is a side trip once you arrive in Turkey. It's great. Be sure to alot plenty of time for Damascus, which is simply fantastic.


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i tried this route in 2005. i got my visa for pakistan in nepal, it's a huge pain from india. my problems came when ahmedinajad (spl?) was elected in iran and stopped american tourists from entering pretty much. i tried those online visa sites that organize a tour guide, which sounded lame, but would have been much better than not being able to go at all. they turned me down when they found out i was american. i tried to get my iranian visa in peshawar (possibly the best consulate as far as issuing iranian visa's), pakistan, but they took my money and denied me and i tried again in herat, afghanistan. they took one look at my passport and told me to leave (which was much better then them taking my money). from there i was going to try to go back to kabul and then to mazari-sharif and into turkmenistan and then across the caspian sea, then the hardest part is behind you, but got super sick with giardia and just couldn't continue. i ended up catching a flight to istanbul from kabul. once in turkey i headed east and it was great, but i still have to go to iran one day!! the trip is do-able, but risky...
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