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Nicaragua Last minute & quick Trip Random Questions


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  • Added on: June 30th, 2010
Hi, so okay I have a few random questions about an upcoming trip to Nicaragua. We will only be there for 6 nights - 7 days, leaving on the 7th day. we will be there in Mid-July and have not decide as of yet where we want to head. We just know we want to hit the beaches for sure with some other sights if possible.

My first question is, with this short of time and it being the Green Season is it feasible to get up to the Esteli, or Matagalpa areas and see some of the more forested areas for a day or two and still have time to head to beaches for several days, then on to the Granada area for a day or so before we have to fly out? Or does the green season make travel more difficult & time consuming, and would we really just end up spending our time trying to get from place to place? If it is worth the trip any rec's on places to stay?

Also any other insight to it being the green season would be great I have been to Central America several times but not in the rainy season.

Another question is this:

I am curious on where to go? I came to Nica two years ago w/ a group of traveler friends and did the SJDS, Ometepe, Granada loop and it was great. SJDS was a little too touristy for me.

This time I am coming with a Central America Noobie, more of an urban traveler who doesn't speak Spanish, I don't really either but can get by with the basics. I just know that this trip will be an eye-opener for her, and want her to have a good time & enjoy her first backpacker trip.

How are the beaches up near Leon? Will that area be too hot to enjoy? Are there any other spots on the coast that anyone recommends? last time I was there I had wanted to go to Playa Gigiante, are there any more options of places to stay there and is it still a pain to get to? We are looking for something very chill, that's why I am not sure if I want to head to SJDS again, but not sure if this would be an easier transition to Central America for my friend. Since her idea of touristy is somewhere like cancun, which SJDS isn't yet I hope.. tell me it isn't that bad yet.. lol

So any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.
Sorry if my post seems scattered...

Thanks in advance,


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