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North America Recommendations and Raves


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  • Added on: June 26th, 2006
If you're going from Chicago to another Midwest city then check out for very cheap fares. I got to Minneapolis and back for $2.50!
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  • Added on: June 26th, 2006
But how much did the City of Minneapolis have to pay to send you back to Chicago?

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  • Added on: July 3rd, 2006
Canada Day in Whitehorse (July 1st)
I just came back from Whitehorse and would like to recommend a hostel there. The BeezNeez Backpaker was clean and cozy. Their website is
I took my son who is 23 and we both met friendly people between our ages. The hostel is located across from Rotary Park where all the Canada Day's events were held. I appreciated the free bike rental and the free internet.

We also checked out the Jeckyll hostel but it was booked. It looked very clean and nice but quieter than the Beez. Good place for me but my son enjoyed clubbing with the BeezNeez-ers!
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  • Added on: July 18th, 2006
My favorite North American destination is the State of New Mexico. Some highlights:

  • Chaco Canyon National Historical Park. Hard to get to, but the best Anasazi Indian site, or rather group of sites, in the entire Southwest.
  • Indian Pueblos. My current favorites are Taos and Acoma's Sky City. Acoma and Old Oraibi in Arizona lay joint claim to being the oldest continuously settled communities in the United States.
  • New Mexico Route 53. From one highway, you can see Zuni Pueblo, El Morro National Monument, El Malpais National Monument, and the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.
  • Albuquerque. Everybody raves about Santa Fe, but I like Albuquerque because it is real, has some great museums and restaurants, and everything else radiates from it like spokes from a wheel.
  • Chile. The food of New Mexico is quite distinct, and if you don't like hot chiles (yes, spelled that way), you'd best stick to the Midwestern States.
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    • Added on: September 12th, 2006
    Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide

    TravelPost was nice enough to write up a definitive guide about the wireless internet connections at the major U.S. airports. If you are anything like me, a laptop is required for self-entertainment while waiting to be groped by security followed by sitting in a stinky, stuffed plane for hours. This guide shows what type of Wi-Fi is available, the providers, where it is available and the prices of said Wi-Fi. It is a nice list if you are planning a trip and want to prepare accordingly. – Travis Hudson


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    • Added on: November 26th, 2006
    Hey guys, not sure what the etiquette is for something like this...but i am currently on a bus called the Michigan Flier, brand spanking new service provided by Indian Trails, service from Detroit Metro Airport to Lansing, East Lansing and Jackson...Not sure how many of you come, plan to come or would ever come to these places, but i wanted to recommend it.

    They have internet on the bus, some water, bathroom, its clean and convenient...

    If you don't like to park at airports and all that hassle try this bus...

    It sounds like a sales pitch, whoops (I promise i don't work for them)

    So its 25 to east Lansing (Michigan state university territory) and Lansing (State Capitol and Cooley Law School) and 20 to jackson.

    They picked me right up, got to wait inside and everything.

    here is a link if anyone needs to get to those places from detroit (keep in mind, there really aren't other means of transportation from this airport to these places, so thank g-d otherwise the taxi would have been like astronomical

    Michigan Flyer
    Josh has taken his much needed vacation and will be going on another Christmas to New Years 2011/2012. However, before he does read about his past trips

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    • Added on: January 25th, 2007
    In case this is helpful to anyone, here is link to a Wikipedia article with a list of the cities in the US with light rail systems:

    List of United States Light Rail systems by ridership


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    • Added on: January 30th, 2007
    I am looking for some suggestions for a luxury vacation in Hawaii. We really want to splurge on a great trip later this year. We already booked rooms at The Kahala Resort and a sunset cruise yacht charter on Oahu from Yacht Charters Hawaii. Any other suggestions?


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    • Added on: January 30th, 2007
    You must explore Hawaii by Helicopter. The islands look completely different from the air.

    In Kauai, we swooped through canyons and over Fern Grotto where Elvis starred in Blue Hawaii. On Oahu, our jaws dropped at the awesome views of Waikiki Beach, Honolulu and Diamond Head. On the Big Island of Hawaii, we could see red-orange lava flowing through vents in a volcano.

    Our favorite flight was in Maui, where the helicopter over Haleakala Volcano allowed us to look at the cinder cones inside the crater. We also flew through rainbows to waterfalls that cascaded from one to another in the jungle. - Travel Information, News & Resources


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    • Added on: February 5th, 2007
    It's not exactly a budget option, but we spent last weekend at the Rocky Mountain Escape ecolodge, and had a great time.

    I don't think I can rave enough about the setup there. There are three log cabins, built to be environmentally friendly, with high efficiency wood stoves for heating. It's quite some distance from anywhere so there's no noise, and feels just completely isolated.

    We took advantage of a winter special that included all meals, and they were just wonderful...cooked on a wood stove, and perfectly made.


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    • Added on: March 4th, 2007
    Romantic Things to Do in San Diego
    Learn about romantic beaches,restaurants, best places to watch sunsets, winery getaways, beach bonfires, fireworks, and San Diego beach hotels. There's a list of the top ten romantic dates in San Diego as well as guide for Balboa Park, the largest urban park in the United States.


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    • Added on: March 30th, 2007
    No, don't laugh, but my home town is well worth the visit. Cleveland, Ohio.

    There's great public transit (RTA) with the "Rapid" (train) and buses. You can go to, where you can type in where you are, where you want to go, and when you want to leave or when you want to get there. It will give you several options on how to get there, including walking distances involved. All Rapids go to Tower City, which is the center of the city.

    There's the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ($20 or $18 with AAA), Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo (free on Mondays for county residents, so I would avoid it as in the summer Mondays can be crazy--it is typically free anyday that it's 32F or below, the Rainforest always has an entry fee), Playhouse Square (the 2nd larges performing arts center in the country, and exterior was used for Spiderman 3, they have tours of the theaters, check their website, I believe this is free or very low cost), the Cleveland International Film Festival (late March, check for information), Cleveland Museum of Art (currently being remodeled, but is one of the largest free art museums in the country, currently the only exihibit is a pay one of Monet), Western Reserve Historical Society (local history museum which includes the Crawford Auto-Aviation museum), Cleveland Natural History Museum, Cleveland Botanical Garden, Severence Hall (Cleveland Orchestra plays there), MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Cleveland Public Theater (small theater that seems like a hole in the wall, but puts on some great shows), Cleveland Playhouse, Lolley the Trolley (offers daily 1 & 2-hour narrated tours of the city--call a reservation in ahead of time, as in good weather they book solid), West Side Market (cheap eats and great atmosphere, on Saturdays in the summer the Ohio City Market in the Square will be across West 25th from the market), Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA team), Cleveland Indians (MLB team), Cleveland Browns (NFL and running joke of city), Great Lakes Science Center, Rib Cook Off (Memorial Day weekend--end of May), Goodtimes (dinner cruises of Lake Erie, great skyline scenes), Cleveland National Air Show (Labor Day weekend--beginning of September), Rockefeller Park (every ethnicity has it's own little garden here, don't go late or after dark), Lakeview Cemetary (memorial to Eliot Ness, President James A Garfield's grave,& Wade Chapel that has Tiffany windows, if you happen up on a tour, I suggest you take it, otherwise wander on your own, we treat it as if it were a park), Fat Fish Blue (a restaurant right downtown, mid-priced, probbly $25 for dinner and a drink, but you get live music on Wednesdays with Robert Lockwood's band, Lockwood used to play there,but he passed away last fall, he was the last of the Mississippi Delta bluesmen, learned to play the guitar by Robert Johnson--if you don't know him, go back to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), A Christmas Story House (restored house that was featured for exterior shots in the movie, can tour this for a small fee), Tri-C Jazzfest (this is usually in April), Cleveland Public library often hosts writers for speaking engagements, check their websits, and be aware of what branch the event will be at, the Cleveland ACLU features many interesting political discussions,typically are free to attend, Cedar-Lee cinemas is the local movie theater for independent movies, and the Cleveland Cinematheque(sp?) is at the Cleveland Institute of Art and features independent and art films, Slymann's (you HAVE to get corned beef if you come to Cleveland, and this is the place to go, you will wait in line if you go at lunch time, and it closes early in the day), Big Al's Diner (breakfast, closes very early in afternoon, easy to get to by Rapid) Big Grin

    Great neighborhoods to browse, Coventry Village (I work here, it's the original hippie neighborhood), Tremont (artsy neighborhood), Little Italy (restaurant neighborhood, huge festival for the Feast of the Assumption), University Circle (where Botanical Garden, Art museum, Natural History museum, Western Reserve, Cleveland Inst of Art, Cleveland Inst of Music, and Case Western University are all in the same place, easily walkable once you get there by Rapid or bus), Ohio City (West Side Market, browse the side streets to see the cute houses, and make sure you see Franklin Castle on Franklin Blvd, it's our most haunted building in the city), Gateway (where Jacob's Field--baseball, and Quicken Loans arena--basketball and major events, Tower City, Tower City Amphitheater, lots of restaurants and shopping, little warning, most people here still call Quicken Loans arena "The Gund" which is it's old name).

    Beachland Ballroom, the Agora, the Grog Shop are great smaller venues for live music. As a side note, the Agora is believed to be haunted, too.

    If you drive, there is ample parking, if you don't see something right near where you're going, go out a block or two, and you'll find something. Just keep in mind that there is virtually no street parking between 7am-9:30am and 4pm-7:30pm. If you park during those rush hour times, you will get a ticket or towed. If you're not going to a major event (like a concert or sporting event), then you mostly likely will pay $10 or less to park a full day. If you don't mind a little walk, park outside the city center and you could pay as little as $4 for a full day parking). If you drive, downtown is a grid, if you miss your turn, just circle and try again. The main roads to know are Lorain, Detroit, East 9th, West 25th, East 55th, Euclid, and Chester. When I had a friend here recently, she commented that no matter where we went, we ended up on Euclid Avenue.

    You can buy an RTA day pass for $3.50, just put $3.50 into the machine by the bus driver and ask for a day pass. You can buy longer term passes as well, but not on the bus. Also the bus driver will answer questions if you don't know where to get off, some are grumpy, but they all answer. Also, if you have any trouble on the bus, tell the driver, they have emergency ways to contact the police or ambulances on the bus. If you get scared on the bus, go and stand or sit by the driver.

    I think that the best times to travel here is probably May and October. In the summer, it can be hot and humid. In the winter, you could get in a huge snowstorm which slows down public transportation greatly. Also, in major snowstorms, attractions will close early, so you could take 2 hours climbing through snow only to see that something closed early. Anything associated with a school will be shown on the local news channels as being "closed," but things like museums won't. I haven't ever known the Rock Hall to close due to weather, though. I think that they know that people travel to come there, and don't want to disappoint. If you want to blend in, wear shorts in 50F degree weather. We crack out the shorts & sandals the first "lukewarm" day of the year. People from warmer climates think that we're crazy.

    Do keep in mind that there is crime in Cleveland, just like any major city. Keep common sense, and trust your instincts.

    I would also advise that you pick up "Cleveland on Foot" which is about $13. This book gives you walking tours of many areas. Don't get "Beyond Cleveland on Foot" as those are outside of the city and may be hard to get to if you're not driving.

    Feel free to ask me, if you ever plan to come here. I'm very good at giving directions, and telling you what areas to avoid.



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    • Added on: May 17th, 2007
    Hey, no one's brought up Tripadvisor - lots of great guides and user reviews. You have to take them with a grain of salt, but the information and forums has been extremely useful to me over the years.


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    • Added on: June 6th, 2007
    Anyone coming to Dallas should see a damn good blues show. Where? Place called Hole in the Wall. This is true blues right here, and the bands, customers interact alot and the shows are so damn personal and intense. They are performing tuesday(jam night, anyone can sign up) through saturday. Awesome shows here, great place.

    We also have the House of Blues, but there's not much actual blues in there, and besides, you cant just drop in.

    Hole in the Wall, with a fireplace! I think they play from 9pm-12 on weeknights, longer weekends.

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