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overland tour 2011


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  • Added on: June 3rd, 2011
There isn't any new info on this subject (unless I didn't search well enough) so I thought I'd re-ask: who's the company to go with? I've met a few people who've done it and they all said Acacia is the way to go, and it's looking like that's one of the better ones, although the info is a bit outdated. Can anyone vouch for them recently? My recommendations are from 2009...
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  • Added on: June 16th, 2011
Dragoman is great - don't think I've ever heard a bad report about them, Gap Adventures, and Intrepid are the major overlanding companies. Because they are so big, they can offer a lot of things that many newcomers cannot, also they have dedicated mechanics in each country and generally just know their way around better.


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  • Added on: June 20th, 2011
Ugh- I had a nice long response here earlier but looks like the post got erased somewhere! :? :(

In short, I've done two trips with Africa Travel Company (ATC), most recently Nairobi up to Uganda to see the gorillas in March 2011 and Cape Town to Vic Falls in June/July over 3 weeks. I really enjoyed the experience and it should be noted that ATC is the only company that employs a full-time cook in addition to the guide, which isn't nothing when you have potentially 30 people! (Other companies just make the guides do the brunt of the cooking and shopping, but in my experience they already have a lot of work to do.)

Beyond little things honestly most of the companies are quite similar as they all go to generally the same places/ campsites and I've never heard of any consistent "stay away from these guys at all costs" stories, but groups I've interacted with and heard do a good job are Acacia, Kumuka, Dragoman, Nomads, and Toucan. So honestly I'd just prioritize more the specific places your trip goes and how their dates fit into your schedule out of all the ones I've listed... Also, seriously, the thing about an African overland trip they never tell you is by far the most important part is your guide. It's a job that has a LOT of turnaround so horror stories of terrible guides pop up even at the most reputable of companies like Acacia, Nomads, ATC, etc- though to be fair every single time I've heard one the companies were swift in action when clients complained to the head office and people do get fired over bad evaluations at the end of a trip.

So honestly, I'd say pick one of the companies per scheduling as I said but if at all possible contact them and ask if they know who your guide will be and what their record is/ if they can send you some old evaluations about the person. If they're a good guide the company will be happy to provide this info but if they're hesitant I would probably go sign up with someone else.

Let me know if you have other questions!


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  • Added on: November 10th, 2012
This thread is a little old but i am looking at ATC for an over land trip. I had a question on the seats on the truck, is the leg room bigger than a standard plane/bus seat? I looked at the pictures but couldn't tell. I am tall and the thought of 32 days of driving with my knees against the seat infront of me sounds less than good.

Or other companies I am considering: Nomads and Afrian overland safari

Thanks for anyone with experience,



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  • Added on: December 9th, 2012
Hi just saw this-

If you're still considering yes, I'd say the leg room was bigger than a standard coach seat or what have you. The other thing to remember is there are many different seats in the truck configuration on ATC- for example they have a table, so if legroom is an issue you could wake up early to claim your spot there. :)

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