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  • Added on: June 3rd, 2011
There isn't any new info on this subject (unless I didn't search well enough) so I thought I'd re-ask: who's the company to go with? I've met a few people who've done it and they all said Acacia is the way to go, and it's looking like that's one of the better ones, although the info is a bit outdated. Can anyone vouch for them recently? My recommendations are from 2009...
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  • Added on: June 7th, 2011
I did Cape Town to Vic Falls in June-July 2009 with Africa Travel Company and liked them so much I just went back and did Nairobi up to Uganda to see the gorillas with them just a few months ago in February/March.

Honestly I saw all the companies while I was out and about as everyone tends to have a similar itinerary and go to the same campsites, though I liked ATC as they're the only company to employ a full-time cook (in other groups the guide is responsible for cooking and group members pitch in, but a cook usually knows how/where to barter the best deals on food and it's no small task to cook for potentially 30 people!). But between ATC, Acacia, Kumuka, Nomads, Toucan, and probably some other ones I'd say just pick the company that best meets your itinerary wants and dates. Also if possible contact the company and inquire about who your guide will be and how much experience they have/ what sort of reviews, as a good guide will matter MUCH more than any company you decide to sign up for (and I've heard horror stories about guides for all the companies listed above unfortunately- all were fired mid-route by swift company action once they heard what was happening, but it still sucks for your vacation). The best advice I can offer on that front is if the company isn't forthcoming with details about the guide just don't go with them- I don't think it's worth it personally.

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