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Planning A Year In Australia With BUNAC


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  • Added on: October 2nd, 2008

Im new here, I'm 19 and since I don't have any clue what I want to do with my life except not go to college I thought I would get out there and work abroad till I figure out what I want out of life.

I have been researching companies and I think I have decided on BUNAC. I want to use the company instead of just getting the work holiday visa and showing up looking for work because they will help me get set up and out of jams if I get into them. And since Americans can now work in Australia for 1 year with both I figured its great.

The plan is to spend 1 year working and traveling in Australia, and we will see what happens durning that year. Maybe I'll get offered a job, meet someone and get married, continue down to New Zealand and work for a year there, or maybe somthing totally different that I can't imagine yet. But for now I'm just gonna concentrate on one year at a time.

What I've realized is that I need some advice on how to plan the work and travel part. Like what route should I take? I want to see as much of Australia and do as much there as I can, but I also have to work so I have money.


What are the main places I should to vist?
What are the main things I should to see?
What are the main things I should to do?
How long should I stay in Place A before moving to Place B? I want to see the WHOLE country!

I know that I might derive from the plan I make but atleast I want to start making a general outline.

For the record I for sure want to meet people, drink/party, sky dive, rock climb, scuba dive, spend a good while in the outback, ect.

Any help is appreciated.
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Should be a fantastic trip, Jon. Having the ability to work legally should make your travel funds last that little bit longer. The hard part is balance. You need to be able to find a job and potentially a place to live while you're working. Once you've got these things it can be difficult to leave them in order to go travel. You also have to work at that job for a period of time to be able to save up the cash to make the next travel jaunt. Then repeat the cycle.

if you've no problem meeting people and talking to anyone and you're willing to do just about anything for work, you could pick up handy cash work as a day labourer. Seasonal work like fruit picking will force you to move on every so often, but might not pay as well as a 'city job'.

As far as what you should do, the opportunities are limitless. Based on the time you have, I would suggest visiting each major city in each state & territory, especially Melbourne, Perth & Darwin. Each is different. Main things to see: Uluru & King's Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road, northern coast of Western Australia, Margaret River, South Australia wine country, Overland Track in Tasmania.

That'll get you started. Your personal tastes will probably let you axe a few of those, but should cover the drink/party, sky dive, rock climb, etc requirements.
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