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PLEASE HELP! Need accomadation advice!


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  • Added on: December 17th, 2011
Hi there! Im travelling alone in Bali.
Im 18 years old and am actually finding it extremly difficult to find a cheap place where i can actually meet other travellers. There are plently of guesthouses and villas that ive checked out along poppies 1 and 2 but all of them are kinda scray looking... And the place looks dead...
Does anyone know of a place to stay that i might find some people more around my age, thats cheap and not terrifying to sleep in?
I really dont want to spend my xmas and new years alone.... that would be rather depressing....


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  • Added on: December 17th, 2011
Hi Little Canada!

I'm in Bali aswell at the moment. I can't find in your post in which city you are..
But since you can travel to any city within a maximum of a few hours.. here are a few tips.

Accomodation on Bali can be very cheap! It doesn't get more comfortable though. I always stay in places for 100,000 Rupiah (8,50eu). This gets you a double room. So if you ever have a friend you can share the room and be cheap dude!

Here's some good places to meet backpackers

Sanur: Big Pineapple Inn (100,000Rp)
Kuta: Sandat Bali Inn (100,000Rp)
Lembongan Island: Dany's Homestay (100,000Rp)

Actually, you can get a room for this price in any city.. With a little bargaining you can get it even cheaper since it's the off-season and they really want you!
On hostel world you can also type in the city name. Ussually the hostel with the highest rating is the one where the backpackers will be.

Also to meet other backpackers you can go to any sightseeing place or other location that attracts travelers!

Good luck:) and If you do find yourself alone at christmas..
Go to a homeless shelter and have a great experience! (don't shower before you go).
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  • Added on: December 19th, 2011
Heres a conversion chart:

11 dollars a night? That doesn't sound very cheap to me. Then again, i am a single, so cannot save on double rooms. Couples travel cheaper. It's just not fair. :)
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