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  • Added on: December 22nd, 2003
BaliBlog has been up for almost a year and we've had tremendous support form our readers. We would like to give readers the chance to start posts and topics on a message board to share more info and thoughts on the Island of the Gods.

Sign up and start posting.

Nick O'Neill
BootsnAll's guide to Bali

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  • Added on: January 3rd, 2004
hi Nick,
I will be arriving in Bali on the 25th of Jan for my 20th trip to my second home.
first trip was in 1974, and love the whole island....
it will be my second trip since the bombing and i hope the economy is recovering a bit, my last one i spent far more than i could afford trying to boost the economy single handed !!
it truly is a lovely place.....


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  • Added on: January 4th, 2004
Hey Nick,
Finally here!!!
Well at this stage we plan to be there on Dec 26th of this year, that's only 360 days or so away!
Hope your still there then, We'd love to catch up, we will stay around 3 weeks at gede's family home....
Love reading your stories still!!!!


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  • Added on: January 5th, 2004
G'Day Nick,

Fabulous idea putting a section on the BnA forum. Congrats. Oh yes, thanks for sending dumbo me my password etc that I forgot. My only excuse is 'missing Bali blues'.

This new visa regulation will be a pain in the aorta (a nice word for arse!) IF it is enacted. I mean, get real Indonesia!. Putting a restriction on of 30 days only is shit. Those travelling from USA or Europe wishing to relax in Bali for a good chill-out have to have second thoughts and move on. Geez man, you can't see Bali properlly in just 30 days!. Yeah I know it will be great for Oz families etc, but how many hard-working average families can afford a trip to Bali every year like they used to.

Admittedly the fee is only AUD$33, but if you have a family of 4 then the cost is an added burden. Those who will suffer the most will be the kaki lima because most tourists will be on a budget.

I talked to Candika this afternoon about this whole scenario, and she told me that the said scenario has been occuring in Yogyakarta for a year now.

Mega babe et al, think with whatever brains you possess and not through the sleeves of your wallets....

Barrie Lie-Birchall
'Wombat Wanderer'

E.M. Forster: It is only by going off the track that you get to know the country...


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  • Added on: February 23rd, 2004
A 30 day Visa obtained through The Consulate in Sydney requires a form in duplicate, two passport photos and AU$125.00. A lot more that for a VOA with a cost of US$25.00. Any other info on this or does anyone have any conflicting information.

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