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Re: Review

Post by Niamhy » July 7th, 2009

Hi guys, I just want to let you know that Isaacs has changed a huge amount since the 80's - its like a different place now. In the 80's all the place was, was huge big rooms with loads of beds thrown in- now we have single, twin, double and quad rooms as well as small and large dorms. The biggest room is a 16 bed dorm and is the cheapest (we have one of these - Avalon has a 25 bed dorm). However we have loads of 6 and 8 bed dorms. From a security point of view, we have a key card system throughout the hostel and you have to swipe the card to get access to the bedroom areas, we have a porter on the front door and cctv tv throughout the hostel. We have security lockers in the basement and safes for your passports and laptops and anything else of value. We do what we can and after that we just ask our visitors to be careful and not leave anything around for opportunists.

We are just finishing off a huge refurbishment to Isaacs which sees some fantastic improvements - the bathrooms and showers have being ripped out and great new ones installed, all the bedrooms and dorms have been redone and they really look great new floors, lots of new full length mirrors, shelves, good lighting etc. Yes, the train does run close to one side of the hostel but at least it doesn't run all night and you won't have loud noise and music which you will have if you are staying in Temple Bar. If you are a light sleeper, ask for a bed in a room on one of the other 3 sides of the hostels (all private rooms are away from the train side)

Isaacs has always been famous for being the hostel where you meet people from all over the world - we have found that our visitors seem to be doing their socialising online and they sit in the lobby or basement with their laptops (and we offer unlimited free wifi) twittering or facebooking their nearest and dearest. Well, we are working hard to get that socialisation going again with lots of events running in the hostel - three nights a week during the summer months we run the now-famous Isaacs BBQ - Burger and a beer for only €5 (in most places you won't even get a beer for that!) - it si providing to be great fun and a great start to any evening. We are also running Poker competitions, Pool competitions and we have live music some nights and a free guided walking tour every day so really there is no excuse for not getting to know fellow-travellers. As well as that we have a new Staff Recommendations Board which is updated on a daily basis by our staff who know all the good places to go for gigs, drinking and eating - they recommend places that you won't find in the guide books but are worth a visit or have some fantastic deal going at the moment - the board is proving to be a big hit with our guests.

We are committed to continually improving our hostel and our services. Projects underway include a new, better self-catering kitchen followed by some changes to breakfast. We have extended our breakfast hours and improved what's on offer with staff responsible to keeping supplies topped up so lack of bread or whatever isn't an issue. I have been working with Isaacs for almost 15 year and I have seen the changes and improvements over the year and it is really at it's best yet. But the prices are almost as low as 15 years ago and back then there were no key cards, no wifi, no sauna and no breakfast included in the price so if you are thinking of coming to Dublin, take advantage of the low prices (we sell beds from €10 per bed per night)

Happy travelling and please keep the comments coming - if you visited somewhere in Dublin or had a good meal or drink somewhere, do tell us and we can pass it on!

Re: Review

Post by HampdenHoop » June 18th, 2009

I stayed at Isaac's a lot in the '80s so I don't have anything recent to offer :lol: It sounds like although it's been extensively renovated the basic set up is pretty much the same, i.e., huge dorm rooms and the DART rumbling by right outside the window. It's also the only hostel where I've had anything stolen (twice). My own fault for leaving things on my bed while I went away, fairly briefly, but I'd definitely recommend using the luggage room or lockers or whatever they have for storage facilites now.

Anyway since those days, I've found Avalon House on the Southside to be a more comfortable, quieter alternative. A bit out the way, particularly from Connolly Station or Busaras, but not bad once you get there.

Re: Review

Post by trekker » April 2nd, 2009

Hi Bideshi

I can totally see your point of view. Luckily I was on the side that didn't have as much train noise, but if you were right next to the tracks it would be very annoying.

I didn't really use the kitchen but must admit wish the breakfast supplies had lasted the full time of the free breakfast.

As far as social atmosphere I find that always depends on when you are there and who else is around, I met a few cool people and there were some events hosted by the hostel going on. But I can see how the set up of the hostel might lead to feeling isolated if there wasn't a good social group staying there.

Thanks for the note and opinion keep them coming!


Re: Review

Post by Bideshi » April 1st, 2009

Oooh, I disagree. I stayed there twice, actually. The second time was out of desperation. The dorm rooms were mega-sized with a LOT of beds crammed into a small place. The kitchen facilities existed but lacked reasonable function. The beds were fine, and the sheets clean, but this place was not very social and felt like a hospital to me. Oh, and Dublin's elevated train passes RIGHT outside the window of some of the rooms. As in you could SPIT on it if you felt the desire. SO loud! Bathrooms were basic but reasonable. Overall I thought it was a VERY basic place catering to small groups and the masochistic.


Post by trekker » March 30th, 2009

Hey All

I stayed at Isaacs for 2 nights last year and loved it. The hostel was fantastic, it was a bit of a bummer being on the 3rd floor and no elevator and I wish the free breakfast supplies lasted till the end of the scheduled times. But other than that the staff were really friendly and the beds comfy.

Check out my review



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