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Queensland flooding!


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  • Added on: January 12th, 2011
I am heading to Sydney on February 1st and just wanted to make sure there isn't flooding there as well. I am super bummed I won't be able to hit the gold coast :( I feel bad for everyone. Also, does anyone know if Cairns is flooded as well? Thanks!


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  • Added on: January 12th, 2011
Sydney is fine. They're enjoying some nice sunny weather :)

Brisbane and the towns west of there are struggling the most. You can keep up with the news here. And by February, the waters will hopefully have subsided. The city will be a mess but if you wanted to hit the Gold Coast you probably could. Noosa and the Sunshine Coast towns are much nicer in my opinion anyway.

I have not heard of any problems in far north Queensland so Cairns would be fine.
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  • Added on: January 13th, 2011
Cairns is about 2000km from Brisbane. It's fine. We're due for some serious rain over the next few days (I don't live in Cairns but I am in North Queensland) but we've dried out enough over the past week or so that it shouldn't cause too much trouble.

Sydney is over 900km from Brisbane. It is also fine. As far as I'm aware, the Gold Coast isn't suffering too badly either. Lots of rain but not the epic flooding they've had up in Toowoomba and down the Lockyer Valley and into Brisbane. And it should be fine by February anyway. Unless of course there is more rain :P


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  • Added on: January 16th, 2011
Cairns is OK, it is the wet season and we'll still have lots of rain until april, when it floods here it is localised to a few low lying streets and just on High Tides, as well as cutting off a few suburbs that don't interest tourists anyway.

The Gold Coast is also flood free and sydney is no-where near anything that flooded
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