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Quick help me decide, Munich, Zurich, Vienna


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  • Added on: July 30th, 2010
You all would know the answer...I will totally make my decision by what is shared here...

We are heading back to Eastern Europe to add to our family one last time...leaving in late September or early October from what we can tell. Five years ago when we did this we stopped in Prague and had the most wonderful time. Back then it was just hubby and me and a 22 month old...NOW we have ourselves and five children (11 down to 3). Prague would have been an automatic for me but the special adoption fare we are going on doesn't have that as an option without extra money and time.
So my choices are
Frankfurt (not interested at this kind of trip)

Munich grabs my attention but the Oktoberfest prevents me from entertaining it too much. While I would love to go and would not mind my kids being in the middle of it I worry cost of staying and just it being to busy for us due to circumstances.

We need a place that we can walk around, have comfort as a family and not be spending tons and tons. Prague was just perfect for that...sigh...

We will in run run run for four weeks once we touch down in Kiev...so comfort and bonding is really important to me for three days prior at one of these locations.

So knowing that, any suggestions.

thanks guys,
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  • Added on: July 30th, 2010
I think Zurich would be best for what you're looking for. It's a very walkable city and not too hectic, and I think there's plenty to do with kids - Stoo has a "Zurich with kids" guidebook so I hope he'll chime in. The downside is, it's probably also the most expensive out of the three. The cheapest (comparable to Prague) option would be to fly into Vienna and then head for Bratislava, which is only an hour away by train or bus (and the airport's somewhere in the middle I believe). Also walkable and pleasant, though compared to some other capital cities, there isn't that much to do.
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  • Added on: July 30th, 2010
Munich is the only place on your list that I've visited and I don't have kids, but it's a very nice place. Probably the friendliest people I met in Europe. Very walkable city with a good subway system. There are a lot of beer halls and what not, but I didn't find it to be very in your face.

I will say that Switzerland is quite expensive. I was in Lucern this spring for a couple of days and I was rather surprised by the cost. Beautiful place, but I cringed a little every time I bought something.


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  • Added on: July 30th, 2010
Vienna is my personal favorite, but for your family and the bonding and the short time span, I would go with your gut feeling and the other recommendation to go to Munich.


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  • Added on: July 31st, 2010
Hello dear Mamoo! I'd pick Vienna which is wonderful with kids and I've written quite a bit about it on our blog as we have done two extended stays there and one short one ( including in the fall off season as well as summer). We stay a little outside of it at a wonderful campground ( next to a great indoor pool with waves and fun playground with rentals available) and the mass transit in Vienna is excellent.

http://www.soultravelers3.com/2007/12/f ... ca1717970b

http://www.soultravelers3.com/2007/12/p ... .html#more ( campsite link)

You also have easy trips to Bratislava, Budapest, Melk etc. if you want to see more. The music museum is great and lots of fun concerts in Vienna and Mozart house. children's events at Schonbrunn palace, adorable zoo etc. Fun, easily walkable city.

http://www.soultravelers3.com/2007/12/p ... andas.html

http://www.soultravelers3.com/2008/02/v ... ittle.html

http://www.soultravelers3.com/2008/02/s ... .html#more

Good luck with your decision!

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  • Added on: August 25th, 2010
I live in Zurich with a 5 y.o. and a newborn. It is a nice city to live in, low crime, etc but it is very expensive. :shock: <-- me thinking about the restaurant bill for a couple + 5 kids.

things to do here -
take the boat on the lake
walk along the lake
science museum (technorama) in winterthur
visit the old part
take the polybahn or dolderbahn

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