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Reading questions

Wild Jasmyne

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  • Added on: July 28th, 2010
Well the trip to London/Munich is planned, booked and coming up in less than 2 months. I have a couple questions.

First, ladies, do you know a good place near St Christophers Village that can do a good eyebrow waxing and a mani/pedi? I want somewhere clean (here in Mali you don't get this luxury unless you want to pay a boatload), decent price and good.

Second we are going to be spending 3 days in Reading while my friend moves into the dorms. We are going to stay on the campus with her but we are wondering if there is anything to do around the University of Reading? Are there bus/subway options here or should we plan on either hoofing it or taking a taxi? Also can anyone recommend a couple good pubs for our 2 nights there, something with good pub food? Anything else in Reading would be appreciated; must sees?

Ok that is all for now, the rest seems to have worked itself out! Getting excited for my Euro vacay from Africa!


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  • Added on: July 28th, 2010
I finally get to impart some wisdom onto the Wildest of Jasmyne.

While not specific I can tell you in general the transport systems in the area are very good, Reading is a major rail station so has lot's of connections and is a reasonably quick journey into the city. There are buses running around the town to get you from A to B but taxi's are also easy to find.

I could copy and paste with abandon but might be worth having a look at Reading on Wikipedia

The UK has a strong pub culture and the latest is gastropubs which serve a high quality of food aswell as the beers and ales.

I'd love to help with the Mani/Pedi but well..
Wandering Africa for a year in Search of Sunsets.


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  • Added on: September 7th, 2010

In reference to Reading - it's a fairly large town (although it's called a city). The central area is easy to walk around and a couple of minutes walking distance from most of Reading Uni Campus (not sure which part of the campus you'll be staying in) - there is lots of shopping, bars, cafes. South Street has bands, comedians etc. on and is next to the Reading Campus.

Here's a Reading guide:

Not much touristy stuff to do in Reading though - you'd be better going Reading station (again, walking distance from most of Reading Uni Campus) and getting the bus or train into London, they run all day. You could also try historic Windsor which is only a few miles as the crow flies.

Hope that helps

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