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Renting a campervan


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  • Added on: April 7th, 2014
Seven years ago we traveled for 3 months down the eastern coast of Australia, hired a camper van and a car over that period.
We had no problem at all booking from the UK and the insurance was fully comp the bond you had to put down was small, in fact I think they only took our credit card details didn't charge the credit card.

What a nightmare it is now to find clear costs and what is covered in the cost.
Not only do the sites not give details on a particular van, the terms and conditions are so complex and go on for page after page I can't understand how anyone can make sense of any of it.

I just want to know what the basic cost is, what insurance cover I get with this and how much it costs to reduce the liability of an accident and are medical costs included in either insurance.

And what is the bond about which can be up to $7500 that you have to pay out, apart from this being a huge amount to have to pay out you could loose money when it is refunded because of the exchange rate when you get the money back.

It all sounds like a complete rip off to me.

One of the Australian consumer groups said to avoid Avis, Budget and Eurocar because they exclude important details in their information.
Can anyone recommend a company who are transparent.

Jean :x


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  • Added on: April 7th, 2014

Oh I've e-mailed several companies with a list of my questions and I get back a link to their terms and conditions or they just answer only a couple of my questions.

It really is putting us off renting but the problem is we are traveling in WA Perth Exmouth return and there are no train services down this coast, a bus does do the route but the traveling times are during the night which is not something I want to do.

If anyone knows of any transport other than night travel I would be interested to know who the company is, a link would be good.

This will probably be our last rtw trip, (70 this yr) and wanted this to be a totally memorable trip but for the right reasons.

We'll still be traveling for 3 to 4 months a year but not rtw.

Thanks everyone.

Keep safe out there.

Jean 8-)


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  • Added on: June 19th, 2014
Hi Jean,

I am currently living in Australia and am a big fan of campervan rentals to get around and explore this beautiful country!

I suggest you hire a campervan from one of the many campervan companies in Australia, rather than going through a Hertz or another car rental. I have never hired a campervan through them and don't think I would ever even consider it.

Look into campervan relocations as well. If you are flexible you can hire campervans for $1/day and in some cases your fule and other expenses may be covered as well. It's Australia's best kept secret and is such a great travel hack.

I wrote a post about it on my blog to help other travels learn about campervan hire in Australia.

Good luck with your search!
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