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  • Added on: May 15th, 2013
River World is only 6 km from the town of Riópar in Albacete, is an amazing route to perform, the most impressive are his falls that we see that are a destination for many people reaching over even the 100 meter drop height, and features a labyrinth of caves that can exceed 30 km in length without doubt one of the excursions necessary for geologists and mountaineers.

The tour is free, but if we get into their caves makes it necessary to acquire a permit (we can get in the environment delegation of Albacete or in the same town of Riópar).

How to get there?

We left Riópar direction Siles and about 5 km. approximately find a detour to the right (it's all well signposted), in which we move in a couple of km. the road ends, there is a parking lot that we can leave our vehicle and get into this adventure, cave highlight that in windy tourist can find queues to access due to evacuation problems that leave only access a certain number of people (including this point buses arrive in Spain with tourists, scholar trips ...)

Once out of the car we put on our boots, we review what we have in the backpack, our nice cold water, a camera, sunglasses, phone and most important ... our lunch, which, although not much walking about 4 km round-trip walk through the bush wears and burning energy, we started our trip at an altitude of about 1000 meters and the highest point is about 1300 meters, ie on 2 km climb about 300 meters, this indicates an average gradient of 15%.

In an hour or hour and a half we have access to the highest point. From the beginning of the road to the summit we must follow a well marked path (it becomes clear the passage of other people), once on top we find the entrance to the cave (remember that access is restricted and may be dangerous for people unspecialized) this is an ideal place to take a break, recharge our batteries, enjoy lunch and take some pictures (you know that on clear days you can see eagles flying over the horizon and we can even see some wild boar in the mountains)

The drop what we do for the same place we've gone about an hour and can be in front of our vehicle to return home

Very important: Respect nature and do not leave rubbish or glass eye also butts in Spain all along the year there are hundreds of fires due to human negligence.

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