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Road Trip from Seattle to Los Angeles along the Coast.


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  • Added on: February 20th, 2011
Hi All,

I'm looking to make a road trip with my friends from Seattle to Los Angeles for the last 2-3 weeks of May. Some of us are from Seattle area and some are from California but we've never made this trip before. We want to take the scenic coastal route in CA and are looking for suggestions on places to see and parks to camp out at along the way. We definitely want to see the Redwoods, and we have places to stay in Seattle, San Fran, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. So our time in these cities basically planned out. We are just looking for advice on spots in between. From what I gather some camping spots can be expensive and you need to make reservations? We'd prefer NOT to go to those spots. We want the more remote/less expensive camping areas. Anyways, any suggestions on what to do and where to camp would be appreciated! Thanks!


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I'm a little surprised you haven't received any responses.... anyway, I just have a few minutes but I have a good one for you.

For cheaper camping in the Redwoods, near Jedediah Smith State Park (about $30+ for a TENT site) there is a county park just a few miles north of there on hwy 197 where you can camp amongst the redwoods next to a stream for $10. I copied down the coordinates from Google Earth. The entrance to the small county park is, as roughly as I can tell, 41*51'08.33"N 124*07'16.41"W The facilities are basic, but the price and atmosphere are right!

Also, you can get to the hiking spots near Jedediah Smith State Park for free. From your campground, go down to Hwy 199, drive past the entrance to the State Park and go about 2 miles. Turn Right on Co. Road 427, go over two bridges and continue to the right along Douglass Park Drive. The road turns into Howland Hill Road, and if I remember right isn't paved after that. There is a free parking lot with a pit toilet located somewhere around 41*47'20.81" N 124*04'39.64"W

Hope that helps, and hope the bump brings you some other ideas from other people too.


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We did the Great Ocean Road(I think that's the name) to Canada and we camped all the way, just go with the flow. Search out the areas which appeal to you most check out the camp sites(research a list and take a hard copy for reference) when you get there ask local people, if you don't like what you see move on. Our best site was when we asked this surfer just outside LA if he knew a camp ground and he directed us to this great site in Malibu which overlooked the ocean quite amazing. You'll have a wonderful time don't book in advance unless it's a holiday period or if you want to visit a National Park like Yosemite.
That's what travel is all about and it makes for the experience, we travelled for 12 months around the world and I only booked if we were arriving in a country after a long haul flight.
You'll have a fun time and take back some wonderful memories.
Best of luck and keep safe.


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  • Added on: May 30th, 2011
I love that stretch of the Pacific Northwest. I'm a little jealous that you get to do it so soon... yikes! maybe you're already done? That said, I would highly suggest staying in Eureeka. That place is undeniably beautiful and their is KOA (campground) really close to Humboldt Bay and not too far from Arcata Bay. There are lovely places to eat and beautiful stretches of beach to walk and a lot of county forest to meditate in ;).
Netherlands in April, Pacific Northwest in June, then on up to work at the family business, a Victoria BC hotel for tourist season... then a hop over to Montreal for the fall (hopefully)! A traveler's life for me!


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  • Added on: May 31st, 2011
This is more along the line of things to see, but a nice stopover would be Paso Robles, CA and its wineries.

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