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ROUTE: Ubud/Seminyak-East Bali-Seminyak/Ubud???


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  • Added on: November 18th, 2010
I am still thinking to make 2or 3 places (Ubud/Seminyak with East Bali or as planned 2 days Ubud, 2 days Seminyak and 3 days in East Bali)?? Please give more opinion (distance and others things, I do not know much)

We are arriving on 14 December at 1415 Hours and departing Bali 1610 Hours on 21 December 2010.

If we decide 3 places - please suggest the ROUTE: Ubud or Seminyak FIRST then East Bali (Amed or Candidsaa or Sidemen) and then Seminyak or Ubud.

How to go between these places and how long it takes....



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  • Added on: November 21st, 2010
You should definitely try to include east bali to your itinerary. Maybe it would be best to go from the airport straight to Ubud. You will arrive around dinnertime.

Then you can stay in Ubud for two days and after that head for east Bali I'm not sure if Sideman is a nice place to stay for a couple of days. It is a beautiful area but maybe you can make a daytrip from Ubud via Sideman Rendang (nice ricefields) before ending the day in Candidasa of Amed.

Candidasa is a great place to go on tours to tirta gangga, tenganan, snorkeling, go to Padangbai and walking tours. I highly recommend Alam Asmara Dive resort, it's smaller than the rest in town and you can jump straight into the ocean there.

As for Amed, it's a very lowback place and better snorkeling than Candidasa. Amed isn't one village though but instead 5 villages located along the coast. You need transportation to get to different villages and restaurants. But if you don't want to walk around then I think Amed village is the best option, check out Kembali Bungalows. They offer tours leaving from Amed as well.

From East Bali you can finish your holiday at Seminyak. It's close to the airport so if checkout is at 1200 you can have lunch first before heading to the airport.

You can drive from Ubud to East Bali in a couple of hours, but if you want to do a scenic route it will take longer. From East Bali to Seminyak you can either take a scenic route again or go over their new bypass and you'll be there in a couple of hours too.

Hope I've been of some help! Enjoy your holiday!

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