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RTW Trip showcasing the future to our kids.


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  • Added on: October 12th, 2011
Hi Everyone

We are now in our 40's and in our lifetime there has been huge changes in the world we live in. The fall of the iron curtain and the end of the cold war, 9/11, climate change, the rise of China, the decline of the US and Europe (IMO).

Every day technology seems amazing to me, plasma screens, Ipads, the Internet.......

We were discussing doing another RTW, but this time we have a bigger budget and we will also be bringing our kids. And I wanted the trip to highlight areas and places that was examples of how the world was looking forward.

Climate change is a big concern and I really wanted our kids to get a sense of what is happening on a global scale, shrinking glaciers, deserts advancing, coral bleaching etc. But I do not want it all to be doom and gloom, what are the emerging technologies to help address this, who is producing it and can we see it? I would love to go to CERN, to see where the cutting edge of physics is.

Cities that showcase what we as people can achieve, Dubai and Shanghai spring to mind.

Can we go to Apple or Google's HQ? Is it worth it?

What are good examples of sustainable living?

So I wondered if fellow BNA'ers could provide suggestions? I know it's quite a broad brief, but I would really like to hear your input.
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  • Added on: October 30th, 2011
We were really impressed by the paper houses in Marathon, Texas - pretty darn cool! http://www.familyonbikes.org/educate/le ... houses.htm

There are some neat places out in the rain forest in Ecuador or Peru.

It would be great to visit some of the former Soviet republics - that was a HUGE change in our world!

I don't know if you can still go see them, but seeing the mountain gorillas in Zaire (no longer Zaire, but that area anyway) was a major highlight for us.

Have a GREAT time - it'll be a fabulous journey!
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  • Added on: April 6th, 2012
Sounds like a wise choice and traveling the world with kids is such an awesome way for them to see first hand how important sustainable living is.

Don't miss the happiest place on earth..Bhutan which is the last Himalayan Shangri La and an amazing example of a traditional society coming into the 21st century with much more awareness than most ( keeping it green, organic and using tourism carefully):

http://www.soultravelers3.com/2011/07/t ... hutan.html

Jordan is the safest country in the middle east to travel to with amazing history and of course Petra:

http://www.soultravelers3.com/2011/06/f ... -wow-.html

They also have some fantastic eco friendly destinations and ways to travel:
http://www.soultravelers3.com/2011/07/w ... uite-.html

Spain and Germany are the leading countries for using solar energy so should be on your list.

I don't think you should miss the Sahara and Fez medina ( closest one can get to walking through the middle ages) as so many lessons can be learned in Morocco:



I could go on and on as we've been traveling the world non-stop as a family to educate our child for 6 years now ( to 44 countries on 5 continents on just $23/day pp) so have found it the best environmental education...amongst many other enriching
advantages. Check out our website for more possible ideas.

Seeing the world close up and living a travel and minimalist lifestyle has given our daughter a great passion about ecological literacy and healing our planet.

http://www.soultravelers3.com/2012/04/e ... l-kid.html

Happy planning!

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