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Same Guide Co. for Kili AND Safari?


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  • Added on: January 31st, 2011

I've been reading all the posts on here, thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge and experiences. I'm looking to plan a honeymoon to Tanzania to trek Mt. Kilimanjaro, then go on a safari afterwards. I haven't found too many posts or conversations about going on a safari after the trek.

Does anyone have comments on advantages or disadvantages to hiring the same guide company to go on a safari? I've narrowed down the treking portion to Ashante Tours, MEMS Tours and Mar Tours. I'm wondering if they are also recommended for the safari portion.



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I used Sunny Safari's for all of the above, it was fantastic and half the price of other people I met on the same trek. Ask for Masha!


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Hey MA Hiker,

We did our Kili hike + safari with Amani Afrika. They were simply amazing!

We chose them because they are a local Tanzanian company that offers custom itineraries. We did a 5-day Serengeti + Ngorongoro Crater safari, followed by a 7-day climb via the Machame route.

We had the best guides. Temba and Elly were very experienced. They did a 24-hr round trip up and down Mt Kilimanjaro in November 2010 to raise funds to buy mosquito nets for orphans. This is really rare but all 8 of us summitted because our cook and guides took good care of us. Oh, and our porters were awesome too. They saluted us with songs and dances everyday. :)

We did the safari first because we thought we might want to just relax and "do nothing" after our Kili climb. I'd recommend that you get to Arusha or Moshi at least a day or two before you start your climb. Your body needs some time to adjust to the local climate/food and recover from the jetlag or safari.

For most nights we stayed in tented lodges in the Serengeti. I thought they were great---excellent food and comfortable beds. I also highly recommend the Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge where we stayed for our last night of the safari. It's right on the crater rim with breaktaking views overlooking the crater. We had a very experienced driver/guide who knew just where to go to find animals. He could spot lions, leopards, rhinos that were miles away with his naked eyes. Crazy!

The price we paid for the combined package was very reasonable. In fact, for a tailored itinerary that suited our dates, it was cheaper than most of the group safaris out there. I think going with a local Tanzanian company helped, because there were no intermediaries to take a cut of the money we were spending.

Temba is really good with replying promptly so feel free to shoot him an email and ask him any questions you may have.

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