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Should I buy Argentina plane tickets in advance????


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  • Added on: December 1st, 2008

I am going to Argentina for 3.5 weeks over the holidays (I leave in 1.5 wks!). I plan on taking a bunch of internal flights -- flying from B.A. to Salta, then to Bariloche (I know I'll have to transfer in B.A.), then to Iguazu Falls, and back to B.A.

Should I wait to get my flights until I get there? So many people have told me it's much cheaper if I do that, but I don't want to be stuck (and I don't have tons of time) and I'm also worried abt lack of flights during the busy holiday season.

Advice appreciated! Thanks.


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  • Added on: December 4th, 2008
Hi Cherie,

I'd really advise against waiting until the last minute. Domestic flights within Argentina are often fully booked over the Christmas to early January period.

You will probably get stuck / inconvenienced if you don't book in advance, and end up travelling by bus.

My advice would be to book a LAN Airpass asap.


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  • Added on: December 6th, 2008
You should also look into working with a travel agent that specializes in Argentina or one that is physically located there. I've met other travelers the have booked the same tickets as me for a fraction of the price by doing this.

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