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Singapore Food


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  • Added on: April 6th, 2011
My boyfriend and I will be traveling to Singapore (after Shanghai) on a trip very soon and we would love to eat some great "street food" in Singapore. From what I have read, the hawker centers are the place to go for this (please correct me if I'm wrong). Do you have a favorite place/favorite food to get there?

Also, what is the general procedure to order food? Is it fairly easy to figure out?



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  • Added on: April 6th, 2011
It's easy. Virtually all food vendors speak passable English, AND most all hawker stalls have pictures of everything either on the walls or in a menu. Singapore has much better Chinese food than China IMO.


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hi mnmn,

Visit Maxwell Food Court on the same day you're heading to Chinatown (I'm guessing you are because everyone goes there) because they're very near each other. They've got great food. Try to go after 130pm if you intend to have lunch because that place is a hit with the office crowd and it's hard to even share a table with others, let alone find your own seat.

My favourite stall in Maxwell is a Hainanese Curry Rice stall but unfortunately I don't remember the name! I only remember it by location. It's manned by a plump lady who takes the orders and two men who prepare the food. The plates are purple or green and the spoons and fork have pink plastic on them. Lol I'm so sorry that's all I can tell you. The signboard is a rainbow hue and they are closed on Fridays.

Chinatown night market/market street actually also has street food that you can buy and eat while you walk around. There's a muffin store called Serenedipity that has really good muffins. I personally like "Blank n White" (chocolate muffin with white chocolate bits) and "Oreo" (ground oreo mixed in the batter with a whole cookie hidden in the muffin)! They cost SGD$1.40 each.

On another note, dont go to Newton Food Centre because you'll more likely be ripped off as a foreigner!

As braslvr has mentioned, it is very easy to order food. most hawker stall owners will speak passable english.
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