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Situation in Bali


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  • Added on: February 1st, 2004
Hi, Is there anyone who knows first hand what Bali is like these days? Is it safe? Is it as it was 4 years ago? How are the locals towards visitors?




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  • Added on: February 1st, 2004
Hi Derek,

I'm know expert on Bali, but you should head over to the BaliBlog from the main page. One of the guys who runs BootsnAll is based there and its full of information. Plus, you could interact with people that are actually there right now.

Check out my blog for helpful travel links plucked from the far corners of the Internet.


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  • Added on: February 6th, 2004

Bali is quieter these days than before the bombing. Of course there are seasonal fluctuations and it depends where you go.

If you are in Lovina and easern Bali right now it probably seems very quiet indeed. If you hit Jl. Dhyana Pura on Friday night it could seem like business as usual with locals, expats and visitors all over the place.

Bali definitely feels safe right now, with no obvious signs of anything about to happen. The locals are freindly toward visitors and just yesterday I had a guy say 'Britain good, America good, Iraq bad'. I'm not going to say there will never be any more attacks but there don't seems to be large targets here unlike other places around the world.

I have friends from the US visiting right now and they prefer the quieter parts of th island like Ubud and Amed. I don't think you will have problems of safety here, driving is the most dangerous activity most people do here.

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