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Six full days in Paris


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  • Added on: March 20th, 2013
A friend and I will be in Paris for the first time the last week in July. We arrive on a Thursday morning and leave the following Thursday morning. We have toyed with the idea of hopping on a train and spending a day in Brussels. That would knock us down to 5 full days in Paris, which I don't think is enough to see everything we want to see at a not-insane pace, especially considering we will be there at the height of tourist season.

I would love to see Brussels, but not just for the sake of saying I've seen it. My travel style is about quality, not quantity.

What do you all think? All opinions and advice are welcome.


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  • Added on: March 20th, 2013
Train journey from Paris to Brussels is just 1:25 with high-speed Thalys trains, so if you start in the morning you can basically have the whole day in Brussels, then just come back same evening or spend a night in Brussels and next day catch one of the morning trains from Brussels to Paris (during peak-hours they run like every 30 minutes). If you book your train tickets early, then you can can spend less than 60€ for the whole trip


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If you're looking to get out of Paris for a day, you could take a quick trip to Chartres or Versailles. Chartres is a nice escape from the big city and well worth spending a night in.

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