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Sorry guys....but CAN I get Tampax in Asia? India? Africa


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  • Added on: April 25th, 2007
Hi Ickis,

See now that sounds scary to me, like something from a sci-fi movie or the mark of the beast Smile. I have never heard of something like that here in South Africa

This Mirena is not as bad as it sound, it gets done without any anesthetic and is removed just as easily. (although it will probably not be one of the greatest experiences having it done). And because the hormones gets absorbed directly in your uterus you have no side effect like you might have with the pill or injections. I know about 4 people who have one and none of them have had any problems.

I guess in the end everyone does what works for them, and anything you don't need to swallow everyday is great!


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  • Added on: June 6th, 2007
It seems everyone is talking about periods and Asia so I thought I would add - South America.

There are no tampons WITH applicators in Argentina. When I went to Santiago I stocked up. Argentina has plenty of pads and OB, but no tampax.

My old roomie constantly traveled in 3rd world countries and she used a disposable cup. You can google it. It last all day, and there isn't any washing (you throw it away). She liked it b/c it was cleaner/easier/smaller than pads and tampons. She said it was very easy to keep a 6 mo supply in her suitcase.

Birth Control
- since this is a girls forum, I thought I would share my experience with NuvaRing. -- I have trouble with the pill, and I'm afraid of that perm. thing they put inside of your 'box', so I use the Ring. -- In South America there are only 3 countries that sell the Ring - Chile, Mexico and I don't remember the third. Typically you can only buy a three month supply, and you have to keep them cold, just something to think about before traveling.


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  • Added on: August 2nd, 2007
I've heard of the Mirena, but I've yet to try it. It's a new twist on the traditional IUD (intra-uterine device), which have been around for decades and are very reliable. Despite some highly publicized complications with a certain model back in the 70's (the Dalkon Shield), they're also quite safe. My mom had an old-fashioned copper coil IUD for many years and never had any problems. The Mirena is supposedly less risky than the older varieties and has hormones embedded to help regulate/eliminate your cycle.

I've also read about Implanon, but apparently it can really screw around with your cycle. Plus it still has a lot of the same side effects as the pill, so it doesn't seem like much of an improvement.


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  • Added on: February 25th, 2008
Since this poor thread has been dorment for a while, I'll just toss in that the brand of disposable cup available in the US is Instead.

I've used it for years. For those uncomfortable with the geography of their innerds, it could be a challenge. You do have to use a finger to pull it out. And it is very difficult to do this without spilling. Nonetheless, I've relied on them while traveling because they take up much less luggage space, and you don't have to change them quite as often as a tampon. They tend to leak when you go if they're full-ish. But you can still leave them in, and they continue to perform until you remove them.

I recently switched to a Keeper based on comments in a different thread on these boards. I love it. As others have said, it seals in tight and I've had no leakage. And it has a "tail" to pull it out with. It's easy to remove it without spilling. When I first put it in I notice it, but very quickly I forget it's there. And I've had no leakage.

As for the "Tampons for me, I won't put anything inside" crowd -- just what the heck are you doing with those tampons then?
No one trip is "the trip of a lifetime" -- they all are.


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  • Added on: February 26th, 2008
What a first post for me! Just thought it would be good to add to the collective wisdom here.

I've been using a mooncup for about 6 months now. Within 2 days of trying it I decided I would never use anything else again.

It's cleaner, more comfortable, more secure, gentler, cheaper, more convenient and better for the environment.

I honestly cannot beleive that we're not all taken aside at 13 and given it as our first option. I guess there's a lot of money tied up in the sanitary industry and god knows we like to spend money in Boots.

It's a shame that people often have the reaction that some here have shown. When you actually think about the physics of it, catching blood in a cup and disposing of it is a much less "icky" way of dealing with periods than stuffing yourself with blood soaked clumps of chemically bleached cotton.

As for being afraid to put things in your vagina... I guess if you're the kind of girl who can't contemplate having one, then uhhh, yeah - good luck with that.


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  • Added on: April 14th, 2008
I read this post two months ago, did some research and ordered my Keeper...I'll never look back!

I do have to say that when I took it out of the package, I was a bit overwhelemed at the size. I gave it a go (it was WAY easier after the 1st time). The only really freaky part was when I had to take it out. I was almost in tears. I thought I would have to wake up my roomie and have her do an extraction. I took a few deep breaths, devised a method (pulled the stem with one hand while pinching the base with the other) and voila! Removed with not a drop spilled. And no waking up the roomate, thank god. After that, it was super easy.

I'm excited to take my new contraption on the road. Beats packing tampons for a year!!


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  • Added on: April 14th, 2008
My ex-girlfriend swore and still to this days swears by "the keeper".

We traveled in Mexico and she never had any problem with its use or placement ...
I guess the most important thing is to use bottled water or potable water when cleaning the "keeper".

I know she has used in many other countries in her travels.

just passing on her opinion


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  • Added on: September 3rd, 2008
Hands up for the Diva cup! Aagr

It's probably the handiest thing I've brought with me on any long term trip....It still leaks on me somewhat, but I use Lunapad lunapanties with it for extra protection. It's nice to be able to "stick it in" and go off for the day without worrying about changing your tampon every 4 hours.

I actually find washing out the Diva cup is more convenient than trying to dispose of tampons and pads in developing countries.

It gets a good clean in the morning and at night. The shower's a great and private place for this. Lather with soap and local tap water, rinse with local tap water, then a final rinse with bottled water. The bottled water bit is just me being extra cautious, it likely doesn't make much difference.

Anyways...menstrual cups rule!


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  • Added on: September 3rd, 2008
Almost forgot....apologies in advance for anyone who had to gouge their eyes out before/during/or after reading my post.



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