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South America Warnings


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Some recommendations from a peruvian who has lived in Peru all her life (and travelled around quite a bit)

To take a cab in Lima:
This is most confusing to many tourists visiting the capital city because taxis don´t use meters. When you stop a taxi, you don't just hop in and tell him where you're going, there is some procedure to do first. If you're stopping a taxi on the street, make sure it is not a Tico o other really small car, because they aren't as safe. Also make sure the driver is dressed appropriately. The taxi driver will roll down his window, which is when you are supposed to tell him where you're going (say, Miraflores) then he can either refuse to take you there, in which case he will drive off, or tell you his price. Make sure you ask at your hostel or hotel how much should they charge and don't accept higher prices.(most taxis are a maximum of s/15) Many taxi drivers will charge incredibly high fees to tourists. ALWAYS BARTER. The taxi driver is used to it, he will always tell you a price higher than what he expects to be paid (just in case you might agree)
Once you agree on a price and destination, THEN you go in the cab.
You might want to ask around for a calling taxi service, but that´s usually more expensive.

When you're in Lima, try to dress as 'normally' as possible. Don't walk around parading your Cusco souvenirs around or walk down Miraflores with your sandals,khaki pants and large backpack in plain winter because you might not get robbed, but you will be an easier target, specially if you´re alone. Also, you will get charged a lot more at vendors or non-formal establishments if you look like a foreigner. When you are in Lima, try to dress more like a local, that is, how you would normally dress if you were back home.
Also, Lima is a modern city, and you can buy here almost everything that you can find elsewhere, so if something is missing from your gear, you'll probably find it asking around.

If taking buses:
If you have the budget, i would definitely recommend Oltursa as a safe way to travel around Peru. If not, do avoid Cruz del Sur because they have the highest accident rate. Bus crashes between the most economic businesses are a common thing. Also try to seat in the middle of the bus, better if next to the aisle, as it is safer (never at the front).

Walking is not the safest method of transportation, it is okay in Miraflores, San Isidro and most parts of Barranco but not everywhere else. You can go from a nice zone to a dangerous one in just a block so be careful.

Apart from this just common sense to avoid any nasty situations. Lima is beautiful city with lots to offer.


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yea Buenos Aires can be sketch if you don't look out for yourself. Be careful riding public transit, subways, etc. My friend was wearing his cell phone on his belt and got it stolen on the green line.. just be aware of those around you.


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