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Starting to plan the family vacation


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  • Added on: June 12th, 2013
Hi All:

I need some sage advice. My aunt and I have been made in charge of organizing our family trip to Europe next year. The majority of the family doesn't like complete package tours, so that's why we're doing all this.

Now I have never put together for such a large group, it looks like 10 people. It's one thinking planning for me and a friend, totally different when it comes to a group.

I did send out a survey to get an idea of budget, travel style, etc. So I have some idea of what I should look for in accommodations, etc.

Does anyone have any helpful tips to maintain sanity and order during the planning stages and the trip?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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  • Added on: June 14th, 2013
I recently planned a trip for 6 people in Ireland. We had a great time!

At a few points during the planning process, I emailed possible itineraries, lodging, etc. to my family members 1) to give them a chance to weigh in on a few ideas, once I had narrowed down the options and 2) to minimize the likelihood that someone would later complain that this wasn't what they had in mind (too expensive, too bare-bones, whatever). They didn't always respond, but at least they had the opportunity to do so.

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First of all, how very exciting!

When planning trips for a large group of people, I have each and everyone tell me their "top 3 must do" in order of importance. With a larger group, you might want to just ask for the one thing that must do while in Europe. From there I try to accommodate each and everyone. At the same time, remember that this will also be your vacation.

Plan a lot of free time so that everyone can do their own thing. I think a lot of times with larger group, everyone's waiting on everyone else and that's what causes stress and resentment. Print out a tentative agenda/schedule and make it known that the group will do dinner together once or twice with mandatory attendance but other than that they can all make their own dinner plans, etc.

Good luck!


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i recommend you to visit spain..its my wish to go there and spend month but am right now going to visit italy because if some visa problem with spain.,..

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