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Suggestion on Bali 1-week itinery?


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  • Added on: September 9th, 2010

I'm going to Bali solo in the first week of October for a week.. have already booked first 2 nights in Kuta. wanted to see many places but realized a week is not enough. This holiday is supposed to be relax, relax, and relax, plus sight seeing, meeting the locals, and take nice photos. oh, and spa, heard lots of the spa from friends, so would try at least one (:

Anyway, any suggested itinery to follow? was thinking maybe either to stay in the east side, sanur? but i also want to go to ubud.

welcome all your inputs (:

thanks a lot!


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  • Added on: September 14th, 2010
The best places to relax is without a doubt Amed and Ubud (although Amed is quite tricky to reach and far from civilization - but it's absolutely stunning!).

Ubud is often referred to as the Spa heaven, there are heaps of Spa resorts and places you can go for a nice treat for the evening.

It's the absolute best place to base yourself in if you want to stay in a calm, layed back area and far away from the bustling Kuta and its partying.

There are many art villages just outside Ubud, and they all go to Ubud to sell their crafts.
There are also quite a few good seightseeing things to see, like the Monkey Forrest, some famous temples and rice fields.
Ubud has much more of a cultural feel than Sanur and I thought it was more beautiful as well, but big plus about Sanur is that it's right by the beach.

The good thing about Bali is that it's a pretty small island so no matter where you live you can reach most places within a few hours.
If you choose to stay in Sanur you can always check out Ubud for the day, and vice versa.

Hope this helps, have a great time!


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  • Added on: September 21st, 2010
Hi (:

Thanks for the suggestion, would definitely visit Ubud. am looking forward very much for this one-week break from the city.

That's great, will explore Bali during my stay. I find it too short a stay come to think of it.

Anyway, thanks again.


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