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Survey Does the way you travel affect your experience?


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  • Added on: October 25th, 2008
Hey guys,

I was looking into eco-tourism and heritage/cultural tourism for one of my anthropology essays at uni. I've traveled frequently in the past and I can say with confidence that I have done traveling of both kinds - to some extent.

I wanted to survey people on a few particular issues that are raised by these types of tourism.

What type of tourist have you been in the past? An eco-tourist or heritage/cultural tourist?

Where have you been and what were your original thoughts of the place?

Do you think different kinds of tourism present the tourist with a different kind of experience of the people and culture of the destination?

Lastly, what was your perception of the place afterward. Did being an eco-tourist or heritage/cultural tourist change your experience of the place?



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So far in my journies i haven't done any eco-touring

I have been to Europe twice, and lived in France a few months.
I knew very little French and was looking forward to spending as much time out of the country as possible, but by the time i left i hated the thought of leaving. i realy do have a special place in my heart for the people of france now.

I think they most surely do. At least in my case i had to travel a bit before eco friendly traveling became an issue. my next journey will be on motorcycle and camping and leaving the smallest foot print possible if that counts.

To say it in a word, yes!


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I think it absolutely affects your perception. The kind of tourism you're going for effects your trip so you have different experiences and prejudices going into it.

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