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The Beaches Which Are as Beautiful as Paradise in Nghe An

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Located on the central land with a coastline of 82 km long, in the summer, this place has always been regarded as an ideal tourist destination in the north.

Cua Lo

Cua Lo beach is in Cua Lo town, 16 km from Vinh City to the northeast, 300 km from the capital of Hanoi and 1,400 km from Ho Chi Minh City. With a length of about 10 km, Cua Lo beach features a gentle slope and blue water.

It offers a wide variety of exotic sea daisies grown by King Bao Dai. But the most exciting things is floating on basket boats, fishing squid and enjoying grilled or steamed squid amongst bobby waves.

Cua Hien

Cua Hien is in Dien Trung commune, Dien Chau district, 35 km from Vinh City. According to legend, this is the place where An Duong Vuong killed My Chau Princess then went to the beach with Kim Quy God.

The beach at Cua Hien area is flat with smooth sand. Cua Hien retains its pristine beauty and is the only place in Nghe An area without influence by Laos winds.

The first impression when putting your foot on the beach is that there is a range of rock running along the coastline. Perhaps, rocks lying on the beach look like a fishing beach so it is locally known as Ngu Hai beach (fishing beach). At the outer edge there is a round stone with over 2m high; its surface is quiet flat known as the fairy chessboard. According to legend, once returning to the earth, male fairies often landed at the stone to play chess, drink and watch the world scene.

Cua Hoi

Cua Hoi beach is an estuary where Lam Giang River flows into the South China Sea. Cua Hoi will enchant visitors with the quietness of deserted afternoons or the bustle of the fish market when the boat docks.

Cua Hoi beach resort is in Nghi Hoa and Nghi Hai Ward connecting to Cua Lo Town which creates an ideal retreat for guests. From Cua Lo and Cua Hoi travelling along Lam River to Vinh City and Nam Dan; on the coast along Cua Hoi, there is a casuarina forest and mangrove forest whispering with the waves all year around.

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Quynh Sea

Quynh Sea is not actually the name of a beach but a general term for 7 contiguous beaches of 7 communes in Quynh Luu District and Hoang Mai town. The beaches include Quynh Phuong, Quynh Lien, Quynh Bang, Quynh Luong, Quynh Minh, Quynh Nghia and Tien Thuy located 65 km from Vinh City.

Quynh Phuong is associated with Con Temple- one of the 4 most sacred temples in Nghe region. Quynh Lien and Quynh Bang "spoil" tourists with sloping sandy beach and slight waves.

Those who travel to Quynh Beach not only explore nature but also enjoy the delicacies from the sea. If you visit Quynh Nghia, look for seaside eateries which are delicious, nutritious and cheap.

Bai Lu

Located in Nghi Loc district of Nghe An, the name of Bai Lu is derived from the name of Lu Son mountain standing for thousands of years on the beach.

Travel ling to Bai Lu, visitors will be amazed by the perfect combination between the blue water of the sea, and the green of the pine trees forests. Soft sandy beaches gliding with the sea waves make the softness and charm for Bai Lu.

Dien Thanh

Dien Thanh Beach (Dien Chau) is about 40 km from Vinh City. It is extremely peaceful instead of being noisy like other beaches.

Dien Thanh Beach is at its best at the transformation moment between day and night. Strolling along the beach, enjoy cool wind, admire the immense sea, you will feel the peacefulness in your soul and forget all hardness and worries of the daily life.

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