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The Fugly Thread - The Best of the Worst

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  • Added on: October 4th, 2007
I can't even pretend that this thread is inspired by anything other than malicious glee. It will be evil and elitist and arrogant, and all without apologies. It's a thread to laugh in horror at all the "Ugly Americans" (those quotes are fully ironic, as we all know that Ugly Americans can come from any country, not to mention a handful of extra-solar planets).

I'll start you all with this Canadian girl that our moderator Static got me hooked on. I'm only on September, but I've already learned that the real equator was discovered 10 years ago with GPS (and that the forces there make it hard to walk in a straight line), that no one in Peru seems to care about the water situation, and that "older guy" qualifies as an ethnicity (e.g.: There was a english girl and older guy, a french canadian and 2 girls from the states). Then there's the found poetry (my favorite today is felt really really sick after eating, went home, threwup a couple times then watched Little Miss Sunshine.)

I know it's wrong to make fun of people behind their backs. Anyone care to join me?
Michael C

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