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The youth of today.


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  • Added on: July 10th, 2006
Anniebanannie I think you have hit the nail right on the head. There is a huge blame culture going on right now it seems few people are willing to take responsibility for their actions these days. Of course this is going to funnel down to the youth.
I also think a lot of teachers and social workers are looking for excuses for poor behaviour for our youth like there are always extenuating circumstances. So for example if a child has just one parent that is the reason that such a child is rude, or creating a new disorder like attention deficits etc.
Grannygolden enjoy your trip to portugal I hope you have a wonderful time. I will be going to Botswana a week on sunday so I am also getting excited. Thanks all for taking part in this debate I have really enjoyed your comments.
itu matengu


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  • Added on: July 11th, 2006
Disclaimer: I am most likely to young to have anything valuable to say in the "old people's" forum but I have one addition to salmo's comments
Quite the opposite CL as you essentially confirm that if people are having good examples set as they develop (and we should never stop)then there is a good chance that they may develop well.
And that is in line with what Annie says in respect to poor parenting skills and that begets the youngers.

I am actually a little surprised with your disclaimer as in having a good raising environment, I would hope you know that you are never too young or too old to contribute unless it is something more sporting like, but then we can always use our cunning.

And yes Granny, have a golden trip and you too Matengu.
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  • Added on: July 11th, 2006
Has anyone noticed that this same conversation has been going on for thousands of years?

Many societal changes are just repeated over the decades and centuries. (I wish I could remember who said that there is nothing new in the world.) I think these changes seem more drastic because we are closer to them.

The good and bad of change can never be summed up in a list of a few "new" developments in society. People vary too greatly in there reactions and interpitations to the exact same events for that to be the case. Just as the "cause" is not so simple neither us the "cure".

I see these changes - many times shaking my head and saying "What the...?" - and chalk my reaction up to getting older and having seen more and different things.


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  • Added on: December 2nd, 2006
or maybe clinging on to a ficticious ideal past
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  • Added on: February 23rd, 2007
I realised one day that I sounded just like my mother. Gaver me quite a shock, believe you me.

Have a nice day, Whistler.

If you can keep a sense of humour and see the funny side of life, you will never be old. SMC. Splitform
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  • Added on: April 3rd, 2007
I realised one day that I sounded just like my mother. Gaver me quite a shock, believe you me.

Whistler, we are all turning into our mothers slowly but surely...it's scary but true!


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  • Added on: April 11th, 2007
I believe most of us turn into our parents. Sons turn into their fathers and daughters into their mothers. The similarities are uncanny.

ken aomori

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  • Added on: July 3rd, 2009
Behaviors may differ somewhat from one generation to the next but all are a product of a common source: the fact that kids from every generation think they invented alienation.


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  • Added on: July 4th, 2009
After looking at the OP's profile Just curious if he/she travels with his eyes closed!

Only started traveling in vagabond style last fall but met many youth on my trip & basically none fell into the category he portrays (or local youth), certainly not the two 18 yr old Toronto girls I met in Antigua taking a Gap year & doing a 6 month stint with GVI in Central & South America.

Actually during my 25+ yrs working in busing students I could never find reason to make such a statement. Sure a vocal few fit that mold but the vast majority don't.

Some probably thought the same of my generation but wish when I was young we had had the opportunities the youth of today has for travel.
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