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Timing of Seat Sales to Australia and NZ


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  • Added on: February 10th, 2006
My wife and I will be travelling to Australia and New Zealand from Canada in October-November. There are a number of airlines (Qantas, Air New Zealand, etc.)that are currently offering bargain prices for flights in February through May 2006. Does anyone know whether seat sales also historically take place during the September to November period? This information would help us decide whether to hold off booking our flights until later on. Thanks!
Jean (Cornwall, Ontario, Canada)


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  • Added on: February 11th, 2006
If you are talking of internal seat sales in Oz, there are sales occurring nearly all year round now other than for Xmas thru most of January which is peak domestic holiday travel time, New Zealand being similar.
I'd sign up for the free www.bestflights.com.au email newsletter and in NZ zuji.co.nz may have a newsletter also but its site is also pretty useful re all specials.

If referring to ticket prices to Oz/NZ, not sure on historical situation, but Feb to March and then also September to November are both low/high shoulder flight price times for flights from Oz and in between warmer in northern hemisphere time being peak, so I'd suspect that the closer you book to low shoulder time will also give you specials opportunities in heading this way.
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  • Added on: February 12th, 2006
Thanks Gonorth. I'll sign up for the newsletter and hope for the best in terms of a seat sale taking place for the October-November period.


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  • Added on: February 26th, 2006
Hi Jean,

It sometimes pays to look at flights through Asia (as opposed to a hub through LA), as sometimes they're cheaper. I've made a number of flights between Canada and Australia in the past couple of years, and by fluke was introduced to China Airlines, (great customer service, btw; connects through Taipei) which saved me around $1000 on my Christmas trip.

It's worth checking out.

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