If you're interested in living abroad for any reason or any length of time - from becoming an expat to volunteering or teaching English for a few months - this is the forum to discuss it. Learn about TEFL, Peace Corps, international volunteer organizations and corporate opportunities. Discuss visas, logistics of moving overseas and how to work 'under the table'.



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Well, I'm not European. And I teach English. But here's a bit of perspective - I met a German guy who landed a job in law in Thailand after traveling there on holiday. If I remember the story right, he just ended up striking up a conversation with an expat, and there was a vacancy at the firm. An application, an interview, and 3 stylish, tailor-made suits later and he suddenly had a new career in a foreign country. Now he lives there. The best thing I could recommend with the stunning lack of credentials I have to say anything is to just get out there, go to these places on a trip (see if you like it there in the first place), and then just have a look around and see what you see. I think jobs in pretty much any field will be more likely to hire someone they meet face-to-face than just some internet application anyway. Best of luck!


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I'm from Australia, currently in Canada doing "a good job, related to my degree". Getting the job offer took three emails, addresses of which I found by scouring the internet.(It then took six months to get the paperwork through Canadian Immigration but that's another story) Another friend, same basic qualifications, looking for a similar but slightly different job, had to line up the job two years in advance and her employer insisted on a face-to-face interview which she had to fly half way round the world for etc.
My point is, that people's experiences can be very different even within the same industry, but if you really want to leave home for a while, it can be done. Probably the best place to start would be your University. They often have information on exchange or graduate programs in different locations. Good Luck


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If you don't mind staying near home for a couple of years, you could get a job with a local firm that has overseas offices and try to get a relocation down the road. I believe visas/work permits are usually arranged by the employer for those sort of positions, so that shouldn't be an issue.
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