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Torres del Paine - last half April


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  • Added on: March 22nd, 2011
Has anyone hiked in Torres del Paine in the last half of April?

What were the conditions like?

Since this is not high season, we are trying to figure out if it is possible to stay in refugios for the entire Circuit and not backpack with a tent (we have a 3 season backpacking tent but are not sure it will be warm enough for late April - plus we would be carrying less weight).

My husband and I do a lot of snowshoeing in our home, Colorado, so are used to winter conditions. Any recommendations regarding survival gear we should bring given that the park won't have a lot of people in it?

Thanks for your help!

erin palmisano

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  • Added on: April 19th, 2011
Hi Anne,

I have absolutely no personal experience and I normally hesitate to answer if I have none but I, too, am planning a trip to South America next year and it seems half the destinations are weather dependent and none that coincide for traversing the whole of the continent! :) Anyway, I just met up with a good friend who is huge into hiking and camping here in New Zealand and he arrived in Argentina in late April with little to no itinerary and the locals told him when he asked that Patagonia was just too cold, covered in snow, and not worth going to at that time of year. For me, a local saying not to go was enough to be sure my own trip was a few months earlier (though still in shoulder season...I'm hoping February will be a good combo of decent weather and not tourist overwhelmed), but as I said, I'm only sending the message through three other people! If you find any information please do forward it along!

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