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  • Added on: February 17th, 2011
Does anyone have any experience with Gap Adventures? I am thinking of using them to travel to Tanzania. Any other tour groups you recommend?


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  • Added on: February 22nd, 2011
Yep, I've seen 'em around and even met two different groups with GAP traveling around in Zanzibar. Both were having a great time but one of the groups had a story that made my hair stand on end as apparently they were on guide #3 since Cape Town- #1 was a drunkard who didn't pay attention to anyone in the group except her drinking buddies (though to be fair she was gone within an hour once the rest of the group called the main office), #2 got malaria, so they were on #3. They said it had been a great trip regardless of this but YIKES, I had a beyond marvelous guide doing the overland thing and couldn't imagine the trip otherwise! (Actually like her so much we're meeting up again in a few days to head up to Uganda together.) The other thing I found worrisome was these people saying their guide #1 had already been cited once and removed from a trip for this reason...

As I've said it sounds like GAP was professional about it once they knew the problem was there and the thing is a good guide can make or break your experience far more than the specific company could or would, as most everyone goes to the same sites and campgrounds and what have you. If you want to know though my experience has been with Africa Travel Company in the past- they're well priced and there's a cook to boot which other companies don't do. I JUST came to Nairobi after two weeks in Tanzania though and must say it was incredibly easy to arrange everything on my own, Zanzibar is a piece of cake, a flight to Arusha was $130 (or the 14 hour ferry/bus is about half that), and you literally have people following you around Arusha begging you to sign up for a safari with them. So let me know if you have questions either about companies or about Tanzania, it's a great country. :)


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  • Added on: February 22nd, 2011
I have done 6 trips with GAP Adventures including two in Africa. The first one was an overland trip from Cape Town to Nairobi (42 days). (I only did the Cape Town to Zanzibar part though because I volunteered in Tanzania & had been to Kenya the preceding year.) GAP was just as good as any other organization who runs these kinds of trips. They were good enough that I immediately booked a trip with them to see Ethiopia. I also went on 4 trips with them in Asia. They were good enough that I gave my son any GAP Adventure trip that he wanted for his Christmas present... So yes I think they were good enough.... I was unhappy with one of their guides in Asia and left the tour early and the African overland trip from Cape Town to Zanzibar was certainly tough.... I didn't know if I would be able to complete the tour but I did and it did get easier.... (Part of the reason it was so tough was because Southern Africa was MUCH colder than I had expected, so it got easier & easier as we reached warmer weather.....) Be forewarned that on the longer overland trips, there is usually a lot of drinking!!!



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  • Added on: April 7th, 2011
I did a trip to kenya with GAP and i can say that they are good. ;)

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