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Tour guides in Rome, Naples and Florence


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  • Added on: December 19th, 2014

My fiance and I are traveling to Rome, Naples and Florence for the holidays. We would love to book a private tour guide to help us understand some of the history and background of the architecture and art we'd see in each city. Ideally, we can hire individuals who work for themselves instead of tour companies.

I am hoping that the BootsnAll community has recommendations for guides we can hire. Can recs and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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When you arrive in the city head for the tourist centre, they should be able to advice on this.
Or if you would prefer to arrange before you travel you could find the email address of the tourist information and sent any email to them asking for advice and suggestions.

When we travel I like to go on the free walking tours round cities, the ones where you make a donation at the end based on the quality of the tour.
They are a fun way of finding out about the city with a group of like minded people and I would highly recommend doing this


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When I went to Rome with my parents we used the Rick Steves app. It was great. Only place we should've had a tour was the Colosseum because it's the only way to get to the basement level. I used the same app in Florence, though the Duomo had a free English tour while I was there.

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It’s really perfect to visit Rome and Florence, I love to go there every year at least once and that too staying at my favorite hotel in Florence at Hotel Athenaeum, it’s just $52 at the moment due to the giant discount of 45%, it’s incredible to get such discount at this time of the year especially with New Year and Christmas coming. ... 8/44196288


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Italy is incredible! Would recommend visiting Rome and Florence out of season though, or at least on the shoulder. The crowds can spoil the experience completely :(

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