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Food & Travel

What country has the best cuisine? What did you eat that made you sick? What on earth is airline food really made of? Get answers to these burning questions and more in the Food and Travel Forum.

257 4014 India Food and Travel Blogs?
by halfnine View the latest post
June 6th, 2011
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Travel-Related Books, Music & Movies

Discuss a good book to read on a trip or movies that make you long to be on the road. Share your recommendations for music - both your old favorites and the new ones you discovered overseas. Brag about run-ins with the hottest upcoming bands.

440 4716 your favorite non-English music
by Corvinus View the latest post
May 10th, 2011
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Travel Buddies

A forum for meeting other BootsnAll members on the road, finding travel partners and splitting the costs of a road trip. Also a place to search for long-lost road friends.

1484 3708 Motorcycle trip Rome to greece late july
by Ducati View the latest post
May 24th, 2011
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Health and Travel

Discuss the importance of vaccines, side affects of medications, water-safety worries and health insurance questions. Research malaria meds, cost of medical treatment overseas and other issues related to health on the road.

459 3029 Traveling With Irritable Bowel Synd...
by skygirl View the latest post
June 7th, 2011
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Travel Photography, Video and Photo Albums

Traveling with 35mm cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, film, memory cards 'n All. BootsnAll members are welcome to post their travel photo albums, documented meetings with other members and brag-shots here.

649 3574 Travel Photo Roulette
by PDXnative View the latest post
May 23rd, 2011
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Travel Gear & Gadgets

Discuss and debate travel gear: backpacks, boots, packing stuff and all things technical like phones, mp3 players, GPS systems and other techno-gadgets.

1348 11822 must have travel gear for SE Asia?
by Scritch View the latest post
June 7th, 2011
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In Other Words

Dust off a forgotten foreign tongue, debate the best ways to learn another language, pick up some slang in the local lingo, discuss regional dialects... It's all about being multi-lingual, baby.

129 1154 Help getting my hair cut auf Deutsch
by Seat24A View the latest post
April 13th, 2011
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BootsnAll Travel Resources

By using BootsnAll products and services, you help us provide travel guides, stories and this great community! Our resident expert will be posting information about our products and services so you can check 'em out yourself.

72 466 travel nation - hove
by Benna View the latest post
March 24th, 2011
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Funding Your Travel Habit

How do you put together the finances for your travels, long-term or short-term? What do you sacrifice in order to save up the necessary cash? What's your best money-saving tip on the road? Share your money tips - and pick up a few - right here.

130 1479 Leaving in 9 months... need more mo...
by Scritch View the latest post
June 6th, 2011
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Best of the Boards

Shortcuts to the top content-heavy, interesting, enlightening or just all-around-awesome threads.

22 1493 Re:
by K2 View the latest post
November 21st, 2010

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