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Trip to Brussels and Paris - Where to eat?


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  • Added on: April 17th, 2011
Any recommendations? My aunt is a buget traveller so anything from 10 to 25 EURO per head would fit his budget.


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  • Added on: April 24th, 2011
Good luck on the lower range in anything but the el-cheapo joints, often specializing in greasy food.

Budget travellers often buy food in supermarkets, bread, some meat, and some cheese, and enjoy a good sandwich, then go to a cafe and spend up to 5 euros on some good coffee and a roll, watching the people go buy in a relaxed manner. Its the best of both worlds.

If they're staying in a hostel, it may have a kitchen or discount food. Then one can live on good food one has cooked for oneself, especially if a group is involved. It's very hard to cook economically for only one person.

My hostels there had no kitchens. I bought some incredibly good cheeses and breads from cheese shops, added some meat, and never felt that I had a bad meal. To eat out there is like eating out in NYC only 1.5 times more expensive. I'm sure if you know where to go in Paris, there are some cheaper eats of good quality. I had a lot of ham and cheese sandwiches in Paris, and brought lunches to the tourist spots. And yes, I went TO the bars in Paris and ordered my cappucinos. its much cheaper when you order at the bar than when you take an inside restaurant seat, or an outside patio seat. If you are suitably economical for most days, then you've saved up enough to eat out in a good restaurant at least once!


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  • Added on: May 2nd, 2011
Food carts! There are random food carts, especially for kabobs/falafals... and usually quite good. Also, the market is an awesome suggestion. I bought a number of pre-made salads at markets and just had a fork with me in my purse.

Also, on weekends there is usually outdoor markets in Belgium which are pretty amazing for breads, cheeses, olives, meets... and most anything you can imagine!
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  • Added on: May 13th, 2011
Here are some of my favorite budget places in Paris. I'm not posting links so s/he will have to do some googling....

Pomme Cannalle - on touristy Ile St Louis - but not touristy or overpriced. Lots of locals go there. They have great quiches, which they call tartes. Ive been going to this place since 1989 and cant tell you the right way to spell it but it will come up on Google. Everyone I send there loves it.

L'As du Falafel - on rue de Roziers in the Marais. Why go to Paris for falafel? Cause its the best Ive ever had - and cheap. And, the Marais is cool - and open on Sunday (closed Friday night and Saturday). Plus, you get to laugh at French people attempting to eat on the street - something they rarely do and arent as skilled as we are

The Richard Lenoir Marche' - aka the Bastille marche - on Thursday and Sunday. Excellent food! Roast chickens, paella, great baked goods. Great foodie gifts too - sea salt, canned foie gras - at a fraction of the price it is in stores.

There's an upscale chocolate maker/sandwich maker called Gerard Mulot who has a store near Places des Vosges - the most beautiful park in Paris. They can get a sandwich and picnic in the park

Raw oysters in front of the Baron Rouge restaurant on Saturday by the Marche Aligre. Very cheap for oysters.... dont remember the price unfortunately.

A lot of restaurants have special priced menus. The famous Bistro Paul Bert had a 15 euro one, I think.

Belleville - one of the many Chinatowns of Paris. There are a lot of Vietnamese places there too. check out chocolateandzucchini.com for the address of the place that makes banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches)

for a splurge - local friends brought me to a place called Les Petit Plats near the Alesia metro station. you could choose from any 3 dishes on the menu for 30 euros. Everything was excellent.
I will try to come up with more.....
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