Too often lumped in with North America, Mexico is a country that stands out on its own.

Tulum and near - plan in 2 wks?


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Hey all!

I am planning a last minute solo trip to Yucatan Peninsula for 7/31-8/14 or 8/15. I am not usually the planning type but guess I have to be in this situation. Is 2 weeks sufficient to get prepared, book hotels and such? I have found plane tickets for about $600 on Kayak. Still need to book budget hotels. Any recommendations?

Here is rough outline of itinerary for 14 days. Trying to figure out what could be a day trip and which places would be best to stay at a hotel for 1-2 nights. Any recommendations on places to go? Is it easy to get out to Cozumel? And is it worth it?

Basically, thinking I should set aside
Land Cancun, shuttle to Playa del Carmen
- Playa del Carmen 1-2 days for beach then bus to Tulum (possibly day trips to Tulum and stay in Playa del Carmen? Seems to be cheaper there)
- Tulum 1-2 days for ruins, 1-2 days for beaches
1-2 any local spots/events that I am not anticipating
- Possibly Cozumel 1-2 days (snorkeling) - other activities on island?
- Possibly Belize 2 days
- Travel back up coast to Cancun

Any advice, tips, or recommendations with itinerary or places to stay would be awesome!!! Many thanks


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I would definitely recommend going to Punta Allen. Just the drive from Tulum is gorgeous and the beaches are among the best in Quintana Roo.

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Well, I haven't been near there, except from the Guatemala side going inot El Mirador, but reading up on the area, my ideal trip would be to head inland, there is a real long lake and a ton of ruins to see and you will have your self a real adventure rather than the usual beach hopping thing.

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