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Ultimate Kilimanjaro - Experiences with them?


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  • Added on: March 4th, 2009

This organization seems to have *very* detailed information on their website and lower priced trips. I'm not necessarily looking for bargain deals that short change anyone or anything, but from outward appearances they seem to have a good act going.

I'd rather not hear generalizations. I'm looking for direct experience with them, trip reports to back it up and so on.

Has anyone here actually climbed with them or somehow know how they operate?


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I have climbed with Ultimate Kilimanjaro. They are a well run company based in the US with partnerships in Moshi. They know their stuff, give great advice and as you noted the website very well done. We did a private climb, accompanied by 10 staff, and successfully summited. The staff was phenomenal, equipment was ok, food was good, customer service was great, and the price was right up my alley.

The main reason I went with them was because I didn't want a 12 person group climb, and they were so helpful in planning. A private climb was a very different experience (I've climbed Kili 3 times), we created our own schedule. I don't have a trip report (nor do I have the energy to write one) but I believe others have mentioned Ultimate on this forum before or check out their testimonials page, which has some links that you may use to contact former clients. http://www.ultimatekilimanjaro.com/testimonials.htm

My photo is up, but I'm not saying which. ;)

Best of luck!


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  • Added on: July 14th, 2010
I checked out many Kilimanjaro companies before I set out on my trip. I found Ultimate Kilimanjaro responsive and at a very low price. They didn't have a phone number to contact when I wanted to ask a few questions, but they do have good information on the site. I did find out they don't control their own treks, that is to say they are a middle man for a local African company. That was enough to turn me off. I ended up going with climbkili.com. A higher price, but it offered more what I was looking for on a Kilimanjaro trip.

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