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updated day costs and re-entry fund questons.


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  • Added on: April 22nd, 2011
I'm too much of a geek to leave things unplanned and wanted to hear other people's thoughts on these topics.

I'm thinking of a 1 year RTW starting Oct 2012. Oct date is there because that's when my annual bonus lands in my bank as well as when my options vest for the year. I make a decent living, but also have a mortgage and grad school loans to consider. Now, re-entry funding. If I don't wind up staying somewhere along the way for good, I am thinking that 9 months of salary is a decent number with 1 year being ideal for a re-entry into the same city. This assumes I won't be able to sell my home or will have to take a hit when doing so. This also assumes the economy will stay like it is or get worse, even if that’s unlikely through end of 2013. Anyone care to share an opinion on the re-entry fund amounts?

Also, what have travellers out there seen in terms of daily spending amounts in 2010-2011? This is for budget travel. I saw a $100 per day being thrown out as an average with lower amounts in places like S.E. Asia and higher in Europe, South America. I know the travel style and location determine this amount, so feel free to add specifics like when, where, how, and how much.


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  • Added on: April 25th, 2011
Re-entry amounts vary person to person depending on what your job is etc- I think 9 months extra is a lot, but then maybe you have a really specific career or some such.

Regarding the day to day funding, obviously this varies a bit person to person too so I'm not gonna be seriously helpful. :) I travel staying at hostels, the occasional drink but not a huge partier, take local transport when possible, etc etc and definitely did not spend $100/day in SE Asia- it was more like $1000/month not including my diving course in Ko Tao (this was two years ago- right now I'm in Nepal and $20/day is quite sufficient). I do think Europe is closer to $100/day just because the Euro is doing well and the USD is tanking, though I was less than that overall as I had friends/family to hang out with while there. South America I found on par with US prices if not more expensive as there were "big-ticket" things to do like horseback riding or wine tasting (I've only been to Argentina, I hear Bolivia etc is much cheaper) and Africa varied quite a bit. South Africa was reasonably priced and one of my favorite countries, but the big ticket items did add up everywhere on the continent (you're not going to go to Tanzania and not go on a safari, for example, and they're $140/day).

Oz/NZ I haven't been to recently but I hear they're quite expensive these days. Shame really.


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  • Added on: April 27th, 2011
I tend to think in terms of "months of expenses" rather than months of salary. Since you're able to save now, at a minimum your expenses are salary minus taxes minus savings. But most people spend more when they're earning than when they're not, so expenses are usually even less. 9 months salary should be enough to cover somewhere between 12 and 18 months of job hunting.

Once you figure what your actual expenses are, figure out how long its likely to take you to find work. In my industry, if I'm not working in a month it's because I'm being picky. Your industry may be different. If you're being conservative, you'll want to be prepared for double your expected job-hunt period.

It's been 5 years since I've traveled long term, but $100/day has historically been my western Europe budget. Depends what you want to do and what kind of accommodation you'll stay in. Shorter trips I've taken the past few years invariably have higher daily costs because I stay in nicer B&Bs and do expensive stuff like a Galapagos cruise...things that I might have balked at if I had months and months to stretch my budget over.

Nepal's on the extreme low end, but I'd guess if you can get by on $20/day in Nepal, $60/day +airfare for a mixed bag around the world should be adequate.

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  • Added on: April 28th, 2011
Kathryn and I are planning a re-entry fund, too. Our travel savings is actually a ‘basket’ of funds comprising money for our the trip (50%), funds for our return (30%) and money for expenses relating to our house (20%—if we neither sell nor rent, of course).

But how much money does one truly need? We've always felt that three months of expenses is a good start. However, in practice you need to consider your circumstances a little more deeply to arrive at an amount that offers you an appropriate level of comfort and protection.

Of course, there is a wide range of suggestions out there for how much should be saved. Ultimately, you have to choose an amount that you’re comfortable with and that fits you particular situation.


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  • Added on: May 21st, 2011
We played on the conservative side when it came to re-entry money. We added up all of our monthly expenses and set aside enough to cover us for a year. Hopefully we won't need that much, but we live in an expensive city and want to be covered if it takes a long time to find jobs.

Our Europe budget has been $100/day for two people. Very doable if you stay in hostels and cook most meals. The only thing that has totally blown the budget has been train travel in Europe.

In SEA we were spending around $40/day for the two of us, less in China.

We aren't shoppers and are happy to sleep in dorm rooms. It has been kind of a fun game to see how little we can spend each day.
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