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Using the toilet in Asia


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  • Added on: August 26th, 2007
Regarding the water vs paper debate:

Imagine having just finished a plate of greasy Asian noodles. When it comes time to do the dishes you're handed nothing more than a dry piece of paper towel and told that you're not allowed to use water.

How clean do you really think you're going to get your ass... I mean, the plate?

My first room in Thailand had the shower above the toilet and, as someone else mentioned, I found it best to just get naked, do my business, try out the sprayer, and then take my shower to ensure that everything was squeaky clean. By the end of the second day I felt completely confident and didn't have any problems after that.


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  • Added on: September 8th, 2007
I love squatter toilets. I'm not much of a toilet lounger though so I can only try to understand why one would not enjoy them so much. I think the whole manual flush thing is enjoyable to watch and who doesn't like a little exercise while on the loo? We're working our muscles and going numero 1 and 2. What else could be better?
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  • Added on: September 15th, 2007
Saw this on a random website today...


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  • Added on: September 16th, 2007
^^ That's pretty great.

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  • Added on: September 17th, 2007
Originally posted by whalewatcher:
Make sure you haven't turned the 'butt-gun' up to max, accidentally

I hereby do formally request that the "butt gun" tag be added to this thread. Classic.
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  • Added on: October 4th, 2007

nothing can be funnier

it is the easiest most natural way guys, LOL

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  • Added on: October 6th, 2007
In china i saw som fold out seats with a hole in the middle. i had an interesting one the other day. The women kept pointing at the pond...... yes i was supposed to stand on a big tree trunk that she had like a tripod over her fish pond. Its good for the fish apparantly :-)


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  • Added on: October 14th, 2007
This is the most hilarious thread ever. Okay, a couple of things to add. In China and Tibet, the WC at bus/train/gas stations are pretty open, meaning, they have minimal dividers between doors. When you walk into the bathroom, there's a long tiled trough divided by short, waist-high walls, which ensures that everyone sees everyone else doing their business. The comedy is watching where people situate their back ends. Tip: straddle the trough so you're sideways to the opening, point your backside to enclosed side so it's only the side of your head and torso that is seen by the general public.

As to squatting, accidents happen when people don't squat (as I've personally observed during my forays into these very open toilets). Don't treat the hole like a western toilet that you have to hover over practically standing. Squat!! Rest fully on your haunches (like one poster already said), thigh muscles should not be engaged at all except in getting up.


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  • Added on: July 16th, 2008
Very Funny Thread, Great Contributions!
Best of Luck!


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  • Added on: July 17th, 2008
oh i how i remember my first squat toilet experience, i made the mistake of having one too many beers that night. I had no idea what i was doing, and of course my balance wasn't the best, it was quite the experience, but it all worked out in the end. After my travels through Asia when presented with the option of a Western style toilet vs. a Squat, i always went with the squat. After getting used to it, its quick and easy.

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  • Added on: August 19th, 2008
I love revisiting this thread... puts a smile on my dial every time.

Big Grin
Ooops! Did I do that?


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  • Added on: August 21st, 2008
If you're passing through Narita airport (please excuse the pun), you'll be able to try out the Japanese 'butt-gun' toilets. Every airport should have these.

"The true definition of a civilized country is the cleanliness of its public toilets"
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  • Added on: August 21st, 2008
Well, it is a long thread and I haven't look through it all. But have you guys seen this instruction video:

I have seen some pretty nasty toilets when traveling. I guess the worst one was this one on my Kilimanjaro trek :-)

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