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Volunteering in Kenya/Tanzania


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  • Added on: January 25th, 2011
I'm in the early stages of planning a trip to Africa this summer. I'm focusing on Kenya/Tanzania as I don't want to spread myself too thin and spend half of my time traveling around an area that sounds like it's not easy to travel around in. The amount of time and money I'll have is still in flux, but either way I plan to be budget traveling for the most part (minus a safari or two or a mountain climb, all of which I know in no way constitute "budget" activities). If I'm able to go for a several months I'd like to volunteer somewhere for maybe a month or so. I'd like to work with children and teach English / other activities but I'm very open-minded at this point.

I've looked into a few places online that seem more like "Volunteer vacations" and somewhat pricey. I'm not looking for a free ride and happy to pay my own way with everything, but also not looking to pay a boatload just for the privilege. Does anybody know of volunteer opportunities in these areas? Or has anyone done any of the programs like the ones above and think it's worth it? Or if it is possible to just show up and poke around and find volunteer opportunities?

Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks!


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check out vfp.org.... those are cheap but my son did one & had a great time... I volunteered in Tanzania and it was pricey but it was a good program. I also have an orphanage in Arusha that I help and you could go there and tell them you want to volunteer and I think they will be able to make it happen... I also have a driver in Arusha who can show you around & put you in a decent but lower cost hotel that is used by a lot of peace corps types people. If interested, just let me know...



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You can try out kenya, and volunteer at the Imani children home.Imani is just in Nairobi ,you will spend time with children.Also if you find time you can visit the nairobi national park to see some wildlife.


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As a heads up neither country is very cheap despite the poverty. All western comforts are incredibly expensive. The further south you get in Tanzania the more Swahili becomes important (or the more patience you need). It seemed English teachers were needed throughout the country.


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  • Added on: April 29th, 2011
If you want an easy to arrange volunteering stint with other European and American youth, you can't go far wrong with VFP.

The places you work for vary, the quality of the volunteer experience varies, so be selective.

What is pretty certain is that you'll meet good people and have a good time.

The cost is pretty low as well, espeically considering the price of the 'better' options.

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