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Can anyone really feel the difference with the $12 walking socks? I want to be as nice on my feet as possible as I head out for my 1st trip.

if you got the cash
they're OK
SO worth it!
Total rip off
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Walking socks...worth the $$


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  • Added on: November 5th, 2005
DEFINITELY worth it. While I havn't really been travelling extensively yet (leaving 3rd January!!) I've bought some hiking socks and they make so much difference. I got the Wigwam ingenius ones with the integrated liner sock and they're very very comfortable. I no longer get blisters and can walk faster and for longer periods of time before my feat get sore.

Although these were AUS$35 socks. Bit more than US$12 Razz

Hope that helps



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  • Added on: November 5th, 2005
I loooove my hiking socks. I'd say they're worth it. If you're going to be doing extensive hiking, I suggest you look into investing into lining socks as well.

If you have small feet, get kid's hiking socks -- they're cheaper and the same quality (I've bought Wigwam and Smartwool kids socks). If not, then check out Sierra Trading Post, REI-Outlet, or similar closeout stores to save money.


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  • Added on: November 5th, 2005
I've been fortunate enough to get several pairs of high end socks for free or close to it and they've all been great to have. Other than two pairs of argyle socks, I only have one pair of non-technical socks left in my wardrobe and I absolutely hate them. They take forever to dry and feel awful on my feet.

My personal favorites are the Wigwam merino socks. I can't speak for the current models but I have a few pairs that must be at least 4 years old now and are still in great shape... and I'm pretty harsh on socks. They have that nice soft fuzzy feel to them so it feels great to pull a clean pair onto cold feet.

Early Icebreaker merino socks were super comfortable and warm but of poor quality and they didn't last long at all. They couldn't be worn for more than a day without tearing. When I spoke to the rep last winter he said that the new ones were going to be much better.

I've got a couple of pairs of the Smartwool Medium Hikers and one pair of the Heavy Trekking socks (which I'm wearing right now) and I've been very happy with them. Warm and well shaped to stay on your foot. Although they have a bit of a heavier weave, I did somehow manage to put a hole in the toe of one pair rather quickly. I don't know if it was a bad pair, the other two have been fine, but it has made me a little bit leery of them.

I recently acquired a pair of Bridgedales that I've only worn twice, and just to work, but were quite comfortable. Same with some newer Curve socks that I know nothing about and have only worn once each.

With all of the above pairs I think one of the biggest benefits was how they felt over different temeperature ranges. The beauty of merino is that I rarely found myself overheating when sitting in Starbucks or getting cold feet while out on the trail. For longer hikes I have been pairing them with liner socks, but they've all done a good job of keeping moisture away from my skin the times I've worn them alone.

If you spend the money on a good pair of socks then you'll probably notice the difference. Although it's worth noting that as long as you stay away from cotton then you're doing ok.


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  • Added on: November 15th, 2005
I asked my mom to get me two pairs of socks for my trip, and she bought me these fancy socks and I was like, "Mom!" They were wool and I wanted thin little ones. I must admit, in July, I wasn't wanting to wear them, but they never got that hot, and were SO comfy. I use them now that I'm back home for running races. I love them!


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  • Added on: November 16th, 2005
I love my Smartwools. They feel wonderful on my feet and they don't get all stiff and pulled out of shape when washed in a hotel sink. I had a pair of Thorlos a few years back that I also loved. I think they would have lasted forever... but I lost one. Sigh. If I lose one of these Smartwools, I'll have someone mail me a new pair, they are totally worth it.


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SmartWool socks are awesome. If they weren't $12 a pair, I'd replace my whole sock collection with them.


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  • Added on: November 17th, 2005
I found some Smartwool socks at Marshalls last week for $3.99 a pair. Who knows why they were there, maybe irregular or something, but I can't tell anything is wrong. I really like them, and I'm sure they would be worth $12 if I actually get around to doing some hiking..
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Worth the price, and yes, sometimes you can find them cheaper. Just returned from RTW trip and glad we brought them. Smile

Our site: www.thirteenmonths.com

About gear: gear_and_cost

Good luck!

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I bought a pair of Wigwam Merino's and they are great! I wear them to work and everywhere I go.
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I adore smartwool! I buy almost all of my other clothes (even skirts and sweaters for work) at the thrift store or target, but i splurge on socks! smartwool keep you at a comfy temperature and are good with moisture, but the best part i've found is how well they hold their shape after days of wear. they're rad!
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This is what happens to you when you hike with cotton socks.


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Good socks are worth full price, but I never pay it.

Go to Sierra Trading Post and REI Outlet and look around for socks.

Look for a Merino Wool/Synthetic blend. I often find good deals on size XL Women's socks.


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  • Added on: July 17th, 2007
Costco has merino wool socks in the winter that I haven't been able to tell the difference from smartwool.

I also haven't worn a hole in either brand, and I'm hell on socks.
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I'm seriously allergic to wool. Frown Are there are any good non-wool hiking socks?


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