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Warsaw to Moscow Train Service


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In the late spring, after a bit of a hiatus over the past decade, the passenger rail link between Warsaw and Moscow has been re-opened. I'm living in Poland and planning a trip by train to Moscow some time in the near future. I was wondering if there's anyone who has done the trip who could share their thoughts or experiences, and perhaps tell me how much. I know it takes around 20 hours, which, considering Warsaw is 1200 km from Moscow with two border stops, is pretty good time. I was also wondering how much you might have paid for a return ticket.

My guess is it isn't cheap. Train companies in Eastern Europe tend to tax you for crossing borders, particularly when you leave the EU. My guess is it would cost about €100 return. Can anyone confirm this? I could always call PKP about pricing in the morning, but I'm a newbie at boots n all and I'm just tweaking a new toySmile It'd be great to at least get some thoughts on the trip.


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Thanks for the link. I have actually visited that site before. No Info on Poland to Russia trains though, unfortunately. I did, however, find this link . One way to Russia is about $80, plus $30 for the transit visa through Belarus. You could avoid the transit visa thing by going through the Baltic States, but that'd be an extra 12 hours and not worth it, unless you wanted to visit the Baltics specifically. You could always take that option on the way back, or even fly to Helsinki back from Moscow, ferry to Estonia, then overland it back to wherever you might be based in CEE.

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