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What do you carry your things around in

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  • Added on: June 25th, 2010
I left for an indefinite trip to Africa just over 7 months ago and the day before I left I completely changed my luggage. I came here knowing I would settle down for several months at a time, and although I originally thought Ghana I ended up in Mali (LOVE it!).

I took 2 6 month trips to Africa (East & North) before and packed extremely lighter than other people I met. I had an REI backpack that was about 3000 cubic inches. It was perfect if you only need a small sleeping bag and clothes you can wash weekly. On this trip I took a mixture. I bought a really great Osprey wheeled duffel that had a baby backpack attached. This is GREAT because it has huge rubber wheels that are really good even in the shitty backstreets of Bamako plus the small daybag has been a lifesaver. I brought a LOT more stuff than my other trips (sometimes I regret how much clothes I included) so I also took a big Kelty Redwing 3100 pack.

I was super happy with what I brought. I am heading to Europe for a couple weeks in September and plan just to bring the Kelty but the big duffel is good for storage and if I have to move around which I did a lot of my first couple months.


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  • Added on: June 26th, 2010
Backpack or wheeled luggage, I guess it is down to can you carry the weight of a pack on your shoulders. Do you have the strength and energy to carry the weight, at my age the answer is no. I used a 4 wheel case on our 12 months round the world trip and managed the stairs when I had too and the cobbles but mostly just pushed the box around. Having to carry wieght on my shoulders would have been a nightmare for me, I tried my husbands pack and no thank you.


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  • Added on: July 12th, 2010
Wheeled duffelbag and a daypack.
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  • Added on: August 1st, 2010
I have a rucksack and a day pack. 17 months ago I left home with a 55-60L rucksack, but have whittled my gear down to a smaller bag, and now carry a 35L pack - it makes a huge difference!

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  • Added on: August 16th, 2010
I use a 62L Backpack when I travel. It's the old standard with no wheels etc. I just like the regular packs better. During the day I use a shoulder bag I bought in China. It's deep as hell (my entire arm fits inside) and can be worn across like a sling pack- but it holds more.
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