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What to do in Jerusalem

Grace Walsh

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I've been travelling here and there for a while, but I've been getting such good care and guidance during my current trip to Jerusalem that I have to share, just because it's so different.

I was staying at the Abraham Hostel in central Jerusalem, and was naturally curious about what to do in town. I had my Lonely Planet, and asked the receptionist to show me where one of the bars was. She smiled and told me to put down the book, and showed me an Events board behind me with a list of parties, concerts and cultural events happening that night, none of which I would have found by myself. Then she told me to stay a bit, because the travel lecture was about to begin. They have a nightly lecture, open to the hostel's guests and other travelers, giving tips and information about travelling in the country. They didn't try and sell me anything or make me do anything, just pure-and-honest information. After a bit of travel in Jordan, I was naturally suspicious of everyone who tried to help me, and this was a treat.

If every hostel in Europe, and all over, would give such good guidance, traveling would be a lot easier, and we could relax a bit from the research we have to do before moving anywhere. Hats off to Abraham Hostel, and well done.


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Jerusalem is the capital and prime city of Israel, situated in the Judean Mountains – between the northern tip of the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The start of this magnificent spot is recorded as far back as the 4 Million BC, making this an appealing trip for any voyager. As one of the oldest cities in the world, a lot of calm sights await your arrival – spanning the Old City, the Dome of the Rock, and the Tomb of the Kings.
One of the best ways to get a feel for this location is to check out the wide-ranging places to visit in Jerusalem Israel.

Tombs of the Kings

Undertaking about 20 feet down a stairway made of stone to encounter a hollowed-out courtyard that presents the openings to a handful of small caves. It is here that one path leads to the home of four sarcophagi that showcases an intricate display of fruit and vines.

Zedekiah's Cave

Also known as Solomon's Quarries, you will stumble upon a cave that is rather interesting to explore, as legend states that King Zedekiah used these subways when fleeing the wrath of the Babylonians. The path beneath the ground is lit, as you gain a chance to explore the Old City underground.

Israel Museum

This is one of the best places to visit in Jerusalem Israel when looking for a striking museum in the region. Each year, nearly one million visitors approach to check out the 21 acres that this site is prolonged across, which is full of archeological finds, European art, and special exhibits. The recognized Dead Sea Scrolls are also found at the Israel Museum.

Rockefeller Museum

Located in East Jerusalem, an exciting variety of artifacts is on display, which was uncovered during excavations of Palestine that took place during the late 19th century.

Old City

The Old City and its walls have been considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as this ancient city offers access to enthralling holy sites major to the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths. It is here that tourists are able to come face-to-face with Temple Mount (Har Habayit) and the Western Wall (Hakotel Hamaaravi).
I rely on my car hire


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Jerusalem is referred to as “Abode of Peace” in Arabic and is the capital of the only Jewish state Israel. Jerusalem is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the northern part of the Dead Sea, the saltiest sea of the world. This is a city with pristine natural beauty, age-old cultural heritage and fascinating history since the ancient period.

The breathtaking panorama will captivate you and spread through your sense and mood. It will hardly be possible for you to take your eyes off. Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives and many churches in the old Jerusalem.


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A trip to Jerusalem is a holy experience for most of the tourists making their way to Israel for its famed
religious significance, history and culture. Most tourists visit Jerusalem, being attracted not to its religious glory, but to its natural beauty. At the center of the city are located the hostels in Jerusalem. So get ready to pack your bags and fly.

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